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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I HATE GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since my doctors office has diagnosed me with GD I am sooo freaking annoyed.. I dont know my left from my right.. its kind of like they said "okay you have GD, and prick your finger 4x a day and give us your numbers.. oh yeah and dont eat ANYTHING!" WTH!!! I have never dealt with diabetes before and going from not even worrying about my sugars to having to prick myself 4x a day is totally ridiculous! I hate the way they talk down to me like "think about your baby first" like DUH I am you loosers! but I am not used to this.. its not my fault that they diagnosed me so late in my pregnancy and my habits are not up to par with what they would like to see! Freak off! OMG!!! Of course I want a healthy and happy baby but I dont need you guys giving me a guilt trip and I dont need you talking to me like Im a child who is disobedient! BASTARDS!!!

Now I have to make sure that my blood pressure is under wraps and my GD is good.. They said something about putting me on some type of glucose pill to help with my levels because they are all over the place.. oh well.. no, I dont want that but If it will help me then I will try it. I want to be safe and definately want my baby to be safe..

Right now I feel like crap.. ate something that I KNOW that I shouldnt have eaten.. I need to cut Mcdonalds out of my diet for real.. like for ever! UGH!!! I got a burger wrap and a small fry and small coke and an m&m mcflurry.. YEAH I KNOW>... GD..GD...GD!!!! but I had a sweet tooth.. well I ate the fries and most of the wrap and half the soda.. but less than half of the ice cream and my body started to feel weird.. so I chugged down some water.. which I havent had enough of.. and Im starting to feel a little better.. I just pray that I will have a safe delivery..


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think I will blog today :-)

First Off this pregnancy has flown by but now I am sooo ready for my little blessing of a baby boy to come now! :) His due date is January 22nd 2011 but I am hoping that he can make an early debut in January!!! Its just moving too slow for me now and its driving me nutz!!! haha!!
I am thankful that he is healthy and we are doing good .. just keeping everything in God's hands still and praying everything will be just fine.
I went shopping yesterday (online) and bought some cute outfits for him at Carters and Old Navy, I am hoping that they fit him!!

Other news.. sad news.. my great grandmother passed away last month. Me and some members of my family traveled to Jamaica for her burial. She lived to be 115 years old! My God bless her soul and keep her. I got to see family members that I have not seen in a while and while there were some that made me want to get back to the states ASAP it was still good to be there for that time.

I had my baby shower too!!! YAY!!! Not a big turn out as it was when I had the one for Moriah but apparently there is a stomach bug going around and there were just the regular no shows that come along with any function.. All together I was thankful for the people who could make it and very thankful for their gifts!

This pregnancy has gown so fast that I havent even had time to do my maternity pictures as yet! UGH!!! I think we are going to do them after Christmas if the LO is still inside ;) One thing we are not doing with this pregnancy is the innerview ultrasound that we did with Moriah.. just because the money is tight and its really not going to be much different. I will spoil him when he gets here! :)

Other than that I guess we are just getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the cold weather! I cant wait until babygirl opens her presents! YAY!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I am craving right now.. at this moment...

This pregnancy has got me craving a lot of my traditional Jamaican dishes.. and today particularly I am craving these....

Monday, October 4, 2010


So I officially received my notice that I am a Licensed Practical Nurse!!!! YAY!!! Of course my journey is not complete but at least I have finished this step and am considered a nurse now!! YAY ME!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Soooo I took my NCLEX PN boards today!!!!

I am soo nervous.. here we dont really find out our results for technically a month but I am anxiously checking my status on my boards website to see if my license has been added..

The minimum of questions you take are 85 and the max is around 245.. BUT I STOPPED AT 85!!! I felt okay on some questions but on others I had no clue!???? ERR!!! Sooo Im still praying that I am okay and that I passed.
I did the "Pearson Trick" and got the "good message". So I am just waiting.. ugh this wait is killing me! :D
I pray I dont have to take it again! PLEASE Lord, please let me pass so that I can move on to my ADN!!!!! Thank you! :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful and Blessed!

I am extremely thankful and blessed in knowing that I have a healthy family!
There are sooo many things in my life that I am thankful for! and I feel so blessed that I have it in my life. Im blessed to have a marriage that I have always wanted, even though times can be hard, this is what makes up our marriage and I would not trade it for the world. I am very blessed to have a beautiful daughter and to have the previlage of having our healthy little baby boy coming very soon too!

I am thankful for my job and my health.. which is going to improve..
I am thankful for a home and my husbands job. I am extremely thankful for the health of my children.

I am just extremely blessed and wanted to let everyone know! :D

Monday, September 20, 2010


I guess the time is coming for me to start thinking about making a baby registry. I cant beleive that Im due in about 4 months!! OMG!! I can hardly wait!! I am happy that its a boy and he IS and WILL BE HEALTHY!!! :D Thanks God!!!
I am planning to do one this weekend if plans work out.. This last weekend was not that good plan wise.. Me and my dd were going to go to the mall to do some shopping and on our way there our car had a malfunction! EEKK! So I immediatly called my DH (who was working extra hours for work and was currently out of state) to figure out what to do.. Thankfully my DH is awesome at directions and sense of direction because when I told him where I was he told me exactly where the nearest Pep Boys was to inspect my car..

Well to sum it up. Me and my DD (and finally DH when he was able to get off of work) spent about 4 hours in the Pep Boys to find out that my axel had broken!???!!??? HUH!!! WHAT!!!! HOW??!!!
I had NO CLUE where to begin in a conversation about that, I just wanted it fixed. So we were told they would start fixing it. After about another 45 min. we were told that in the process of the axel breaking off a piece of the transmission went along with it! EEEEEEEKKKK!!! WHAT!!! At this point we were told to just bring the car to Aamco (sp?) because they can not do anything with a transmission problem..

Sooooo of course at this point Aamco was closed. So I just drove the car home with hubby in front of me. Beleive it or not, whatever they did actually allowed the car the drive better than it had been over the last year! LOL! We get a callback from Aamco, although they were closed, and someone listened to my husband about the problem and told us that this is common in the car that we have and if we hear the noise again to bring in the car. He says that there is nothing that broke off of the transmission its just a piece that our car takes and some places are not familiar and it would look like its broken but he knew exactly what we were talking about with our car.. THank goodness.. so we are holding out on bringing the car until we do hear it again!

On a side note: Ive been dealing with a lot lately and have been thinking.. but some people are so phony to me.. they are so phony that they make my stomach cringe.. its sad especially when they are family! UGH!! I just try to stay away as much as possible. Its just sickening to me!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bee Mine Review

Soooo.. I wanted to get to try all my Bee Mine products before I was able to make my blog review. I went ahead and purchased almost everything I could in the sample sizes so that I could get an overall idea of what I wanted to purchase at full price.
So the items I bought were:
1.Peppermint & Tea Tree Nourshing Shampoo 2 oz
2.Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner 2 oz
3.Bee Hold Curly Butter - 2 oz
4.Bee Loved Hair & Scalp Moisturizer 2 oz
5.Deja's Hair Milk 2 oz
6.Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz 2 fl oz.
7.Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer 2 oz
8.Strawberry Kiwi Serum 2 oz (With Sulfur)

So here goes:
#1- The consistency of this product was more like a liquidy balm. I was skeptical if it would even lather on my head. I did it once and it didnt lather as good.. but then again I did have other oils so I always lather a second time and when I did, I got the lather that Im used to getting with my own regular shampoos. The first time I used this product I noticed that my hair was nice and moisturized before even applying the condishoner. But the second and third time I used it, unfortunatly it did not yeild the same results. It was still moisturizing but nothting special. As for the smell, nothing really to comment about. I really did not like the smell. It didnt spell like peppermint nor did it have a "tingle" like pepperment shampoos have but I did smell the tea tree fragrance. Will not be purchasing again.

#2- Condishoned my hair very nicely.. When I rinsed out my hair felt soft and moisturized. At first I was going to place this item on my buy again list but have found that the HE Long term treatment and Treseme worked just as fine. The smell was OK.. nothing major. Will not be purchasing again.

#3- This product did absolutely nothing for my hair. I washed my hair and applied this product then left my hair to air dry. My hair was sooo brittle feeling. My aloe gel makes my hair feel better than this. It was hard and not manageable at all. My hair was just sooo frizzy by the end of the day and dry. I came home and used the spritz but that didnt do my hair any justice either :( I wished that it would of worked for me.. I see soo many good reviews about people using this as for their wash and go routine. This product smelled very good.. I beleive I purchased the coconut. Ill just have to give this to my sisters and see if they like it for their texture of hair. Will not be purchasing again.

#4- This moisturizer is a very thick consistency.. Works well in my hair after a braid out or after a wash for moisture.. Its lays on thick but spreads nicely and lasts all day! I love that its so thick but maneagable. Smells very good too! May be purchasing this again.

#5- This product did nothing for my hair.. Unlike #4 it was not as moisturizing. Its a light milky consistancy.. so I tried it in my 15mo daughters hair and it worked really nicely. I usually use baby lotion in her hair and it worked similarly to that. We have different textures in hair and this my be why it worked better. Smells nice.. mixture of smells but I cant remember exactly.. but its nice enought to use in my daughters hair and im REALL particular what goes on her hair.. but being that other products work well in her hair... I will not be purchasing again.

#6- I used this in conjuction with the curly butter to try to soften up my curls.. I also used it on a fresh braid out for moisture. I dont think It really did anything that great for me.. another produc that I can do without.. until I find a style that may need this.. Will not be purchasing again.

#7- LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVVEE this stuff!!! OMG.. smells amazing and moisturized dry and wet hair fantastically!!! :D Very happy about this product.. Made my favorites.. It feels and covers better than Cantu Shea Butter and has about the same consistancy. When my hair is "nappy" it smoothes out the kinks and allows me to comb through with hardly any breackage!!!! LOVES IT!!! :D Will be purchasing again.

#8- I have only used the product twice since I received it. I love the kiwi-Strawberry sent. A little goes a long way (lessoned learned) lol! it will drip down the side of your face. It doesn't seem like its a lot when putting it on but it will stretch so use sparingly. I havent been using a lot to see any growth or results as yet. I would like to continue with this product for at least a month or so to know if its helping. I know there are other oil growth products out there like Doo Gro.. just to name one.. so im going to take this seriously because if I can find something local and cheaper that works the same then I may just have to skip but as for right now.... I will be purchasing again.

Well thats it for right now.. I would also like to try the Bee Mine BEE•U•Ti• FUL Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. I may order a sample to try when I order my full bottles of the growing serum and the lucious balanced creme moisturizer.
I hope that my review helps out. I am just giving my honest opinion on what my experience was.. of course everyones will be different.

I would like to read reivews on these products:
-C B Smooth products (including relaxer) AND

Also, Im thinking about doing like a wig (human hair) for this winter.. or maybe even a sew in .. a looong one! ;p
I want something new... and I want to give my hair a break.. cant wait!! :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Money... Where can I get some more!!!

Today I am frustrated.. Money issues are one of the issues on my mind.. I can never make enough money to get where I want to get. I am trying to budget my family's finances. I figured it would be easier with two incomes but I can openly admit that my DH is not good with finances... I am at the point where I need to get all of our money into one pot and I deal with everything.. The thing is all the previous times I have told him to let me do this he would not do it.. not saying he would reject the idea but he would listen and never actually do the work to allow me to start. But when(meaning him) hits a bottom point in the finances, now he wants to work with my idea.. GO FIGURE!!

Finances/money however you want to put it is one of the biggest financial strains on a marriage and can in most cases lead to divorce. Im not trying to let it go that far but its still hard to deal with when you want to do some things but virtually can not. I have sacraficed a lot and I budget my own money.. we have debt that we need to pay off so that we are able to buy our big brand new home that I want so badly :)

I just pray that we make it through all of this and pay our debt within the next couple of years.. Its not going to be easy but im willing to sacrafice..

Well.. there is a glimpse into my life.. maybe Im putting too much out there but HEY.. Its my BLOG!! and everyone is not perfect.. including me, so Im pretty sure there are others that are going through the same thing..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to Blog...

Why I havent been blogging much...
I am pregnant.. again!!!! :) I am about 5 months now (17 weeks) and I am ready for this little blessing to come in January. This pregnancy is totally different from the first and has its own pros and cons but Im keeping hope alive to have a wonderful end 2nd and 3rd trimester!!!
I find out if its a boy or girl (well hopefully, if the baby chooses to comply) on September 1st!! So Im a little excited about that too!

The Weather....
Right now I CANT STAND THIS SUMMER HEAT!!!! It is extremely too hot to do anything at all..and its not because I am pregnant but its just too unbearable.. I dont even want my toddler going out in this heat because its soo brutal! I cant wait until fall and winter!! I LOOOVVEEE the cold :)
Im a September baby so I guess thats why!

Update on Tresseme!
I have tried it and LOVE IT!!!!!! The smell of the poo and con are soo nice, and I can even deal with it with my pregnancy.. It made my hair feel really soft and it didnt feel stript at all. After the poo and con I applied Neutrogena Triple Moisture leave-in and some oil to seal and air dried.. My hair felt soooo soft.. well it feels sooo soft because I have been wearing my hair like this for the past 3 days now :)
Other hair news!
I am still waiting for my order from Bee Mine. I placed it on Saturday and via Fed Ex it should be here by this Saturday.. I cant wait to smell and try those products too! ( AND YES, I did say SMELL!) LOL!!!!

So for the first time really while I was home waiting to go to work (since I work in the evenings now) I was able to watch one of the old episode of the Kardashians. I must say that I am truly upset with myself for not getting into this series.. I LOVED IT!!! and LOVE Kim Kardashians body!!! Not saying that I will ever have a body like hers but I can honestly say that its a "type" that I like.
Everytime Im pregnant I get into this major fitness kick in the middle of the pregnancy.. prob because that is when Im actually starting to gain the weight... go figure.. but after this baby I want to be done.. I dont think I can go through a pregnancy again.. or maybe wait a really loooooooooooong time! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Has anyone tried this shampoo and condish yet?

I saw the commercial and decided to try.. I figure if its organic and claims to be sulfate free then it may be a pretty decent poo and con.. I havent tried it as yet.. Just got it ysterday.. but I cant wait until wash day to try it.. :)
I also placed an order for some sample bee mine products and cant wait to get that too!!! YAY!!! :D I have been meaning to purchase products from bee mine for a while now but never really got a chance to do it.. I ordered a sample size in almost everything to get a feel of what I would like to try in the regular size since the prices are not really cheap (IMO) but if its good quality then I am willing to spend a few xtra bucks :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation DAY!!! :) ... What I'm listening to now...

Staying pumped this morning while working until Pinning later on today.. Listening to Black Eyed Peas!! NICEEE!!!!! :D
Some of my favorite songs..
Boom Boom Pow (Track#1)
Rock That Body (Track#2)
Imma Be (Track #4)
Alive (Track#6)
UGH!!! Just the whole darn album!!!haha!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Finishing out.. 1 more day and 1 more final to go!

So we are finishing up!! :) Although my journey isnt over for nursing school, I am glad to have accomplished one small step towards my ultimate goal :o)
(well its not that small the amount of time/studying/stressing/tears/sweat that has gone into these past two semesters!)

One more day, which is Monday and we take our last Med-Surg test, our final.. Which I pray is going to be easy for me and I pass with flying colors.. Its not time for me to loose focus because the final is worth 20% of our grade! :o
Sooooo.. I will def. be studying (which I normally dont really do for finals, because my grades are usually good not to) but I just want to make sure!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I PASSED HESI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my HESI today (second attempt) and passed with flying colors!! School wanted an 850 and I got a 909!!! The first time I got a 788.. I passed and I am thrilled! Its bitter sweet.. I have many friends who didnt make it and they wont be able to walk at graduation nor get pinned :( I wish them the best of luck on their 3rd try which they will have sometime in June..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nursing School...

Well Its only 2 more weeks to go until the end of my semester.. With one exam pending that I graduate which is our HESI exam, which I am praying that I pass with flying colors! I know God will see me through this exam. I know that I have the intellegence to pass this and the education to back it up, I just have to apply it to the exam! Its only 110 questions and I plan to score tremendously well1 :) I am staying positive because nothing begots Negativity! :D

We have the last of our exams for our regular Med-Surg and specialties classes lined up for the next upcoming week. So this is the last week we have officially of class time to learn any new material.. WOW! Scary looking at it like that I guess! LOL! Just excited because I can now spend some quality time with my daughter and husband.. I plan to just take some classes to go towards my ADN/BSN this fall and spring and then applying for an ADN or BSN program for next Fall 2011! :) I am completely happy with this decision and cant wait!

Oh yeah, cant wait 'till our trip to JAMAICA!! all booked and ready to go.. Just waiting on the date to get here!! YAY!!! :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My DH and I have booked a fabulous vacation getaway to JA after this semester of school and I cant wait!!!! 7 more weeks BAYYY BEEE!!! :D
We have to work on getting our passports in order but other than that everything is ready to go!

Right now I'm trying to stay focused so that I can graduate with no problems by passing my Exit exams... ( HESI) I'm soo nervous but I'm still trying to remain positive..
IS it weird that the Exit exam gets me more nervous than the actual boards right now????
I'm thinking its because the Exit exam is in like 3 WEEKS! EEEEEKKK!!! My heart is pounding just thinking about it!
Right now I'm preparing by just studying and getting into all my comprehension study books for more and more questions and reasoning's as to why and how... Its just very scary to me..
On top of all of this I have to make sure that I am getting everything done for school as far as passing all my courses! lol!
I will REALLY appreciate this vacay when I am done! REALLY!!!!!!
Please pray my strength and pray for my mind to be at ease so that the information will be retained so I will have success!!
Thank you soo much and may God be with you always!!!
xoxoxo!! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its a Beautiful Day :) ... and I am soo tired! :(

Today was one of my clinical days at school.. Had to be at the hospital by 6:45 am, which means waking up at 5am and leaving my house by 5:45am.. Then I work every night until 10pm.. Needless to say I am BEAT! lol!! I am exhausted. I am used to this cycle but being that we had a week off for spring break and also the weather is getting nicer its really draining the energy out of me.. Then again I did start working out and that could be where some of my energy is being depleted from. I know it takes some energy from you when you just start but you start to gain energy shortly following.. (kinda like pregnancy! hehehe) I know the sun has good properties and is good for Vitamin D but it takes my energy out of me while I'm driving to work for the night.
I thank God for my job and my supervisor.. Been here for 2 happy years! :) And I am grateful that I have a sit down/computer job.
I am thankful because I was able to spend time with my daughter after clinical today too.. along with my mom and one of sisters. Working full-time and being in nursing school full-time it gives me and my DH limited of time to really be with our baby girl. It really doesn't seem that bad though because we have a wonderful support system and the time that we do spend with our baby girl we cherish every Milli-second of it! :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Daughter

She is the love of my life!! I adore my DH and without him I would not have been able to create such a beautiful human being. My daughter is my sunshine.. no matter how I feel she always can make me feel better! :D
She is only 9 months now but has sooo much personality.. I miss her right now because Im at work and thinking about her.. Hence me making this entry.. :(
But she is with her mom-mom.. (my mom) and she is in a happy place with her auntie's too!!! I know she is in good hands! :)
My daughter is so special to me and me and DH tried for a while to have a child.. you can read about it in my other blog "Chrissy's Blessing".... which was dedicated to our struggle in having a child of our own.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guess What!!!!

I am excited to announce that I have officially joined a gym today!! :D
Ive been researching and found the perfect gym that will tailor to my needs right now.. Its called SNAP Fitness!! :)
I am soo happy about this decision.. I came to the realization that there are no PROS to me being overweight and all CONS will come out of me working out and eating healthy... Im including a lot more fruits and veggies in my diet.. veggies raw or cooked and fresh cold fruits including citrus.. oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes (as garnishes or extra flavoring) grapes.. etc.. whatever I can get my hands on and are in season!
Im excited about my life change!!! Can't you tell! :p

Thursday, February 25, 2010

General Update on .... Stuff!

I really need to get on a regular workout schedule and curve my eating habits to more heathier choices. Ive been having some pains in my chest area by my heart and that is not something I want to take chances with or play with.. So as of TODAY.. I vow to myself to eat healthier and to loose all of this extra baggage I have going on.. I know I can do it but it starts with me motivating myself first and not looking for another source for motivation.. Diet pills are not going to work if I can still stop at Mcdonalds or BK for a quick "burger" at 11pm at night after work.. I just need to QUIT IT!...

I purchased this cookbook this passed summer called "Cook yourself thin" Its a show on lifetime that teaches about cooking more healthier.. It really worked for me and I will be going back to use these recipes... I HAVE TO .. I NEED MY LIFE BACK!

I have not been taking MEGA-T regularly as I was in the first week.. I just didnt feel any energy nor notice any thing at all.. So I quit.. Glad I only spent $10 instead of more for the other ones.. I may come back to it but not for now. Ill focus on exercise and eating better for now..
I dont want to join a gym in fear that I will waste money and never be able to go.. I have a treadmill at home.. but I rather work out to home DVD's or workout shows on TV.. I think Its a lot more interactive.. and not as tedious.. Im also praying to God to help me and keep me motivated.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Im SOOO Exhausted... LONG HAUL :)

Im starting to slack off again!! lol! Last post was almost a month ago. Its just a little hard since I started my semester of 23 credits plus working a full-time job.. On top of that a mother of an infant and wife.. You ever feel so tired that you feel all funny and delirious! LMBO!!!! (maybe I shouldnt be admitting I feel like this!) LOL!! I keep reminding myself that It is only temporary and the end is closer than what I think .. It will ALL be worth it in the end.. IT BETTER BE! :0D


Soooo.... as far as my GNC follow up.. I am soooooooo bad.. I mean EXTREMELY BAD, at following a steady regimine.. I only did like 3 out of the 7 days of the body clense.. It was just too much for me to keep up with.. There were just too many pills to take and some were just big 'ol horse pills.. Then the powder that I had to mix with water/juice was HORRIBLE!!! yuk! (im gagging just thinking about it now):~
I quit! My DH says that he will try the 5 days left of the product.. so I will see how it works out for him. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars as a rating.. While it did work (due to the fact that I was regular for those 3 days and im normally not, it was just nasty tasting and too many pills)

Since this didnt work for me I decided to try my good old ACTIVIA.. I love this stuff.. It really works for me and gets my digestive track moving.
I also wanted to try some sort of diet pill, just to jump start my metabolism.. After careful consideration and research of Ali and Quick Trim (the one Kim Kardashian endorses), I decided not to even try either at this point.. Ali just scared me with the loose stools and you have to decide when to take it as far as with a high fat meal.. and QT had just too much of a regimine I had to stick with.
So, I decided to go cheaper and with something more natural... I chose, MEGA-T Green Tea. The bottle claims to burn belly fat.. (which is my biggest problem) This is just twice a day.. one mid-morning and another mid-afternoon. Been doing this for about 3 days now.. not really noticing anything drastic but im going to try to give it a month and see how everything goes.

Today I decided to stock back up on some hair products and buy some that I have been wanting to try..
What I purchased today at various stores was:
Silicon Mix by Avant
Kids Organics Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion
NTM Deep Recovery Mask
Henna 'n' Placenta Dual- Action Pac
Castor Oil

What I purchased online was:
Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Split Ends
NTM Silk Touch
Burts Bees Pre-Shampoo Avocado Butter

I am VERY happy with my purchases and cant wait to use them!!!! YAY!!!!!!

So DH and I have decided to take a mini vacation between Spring semester and Summer session of school.. We are both in school but seriously need some sort of break.. We are either going to JA or FL.. More info to come on that as to which one to go to.. but for now Im just excited to be going SOMEWHERE!!! ANYWHERE!!!! :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

e.l.f. purchase update and other purchases made over the weekend :)

So after some good reviews on the e.l.f. line (from other bloggers), I decided to go ahead and buy some things... I really wanted a decent makeup brush set and was looking everywhere for an affordable one.. I was only willing to spend around $20-$30 because first, I dont have money to buy really expensive ones and secondly, I feel that brushes all do the same thing, if you know what you are looking for. So, I was a little skeptical at first about their products because they are sooo cheep! Only $1 for any kind of makeup brush! After reading the reviews I decided to purchase... I purchased the 12 peice makeup brush set. There are brushes in there that I dont even know how to use as yet:) But I will learn ;)
The brushes so far are of pretty fair quality for only being $1. They are not hard at all.. I havent had any shedding of the makeup brushes as yet.. Then again, I have only used them about 2 times.. and only about 3 of them.

SINCE this was such a good deal of only $12 for 12 brushes, I decided to check out the rest of their website and saw their lip gloss's which were only $1 also... They were the kind I have been looking for, for a while now.. They have all good ingredients, flavored, spf 15 and also have a variety of colors that actually look like the color when you put them on! I their lip glosses now!!!! :0P

Now, this brand apparently can be purchased at Target but I unfortunately dont live really in a close proximity to one :( So it was easier for me to purchase online and it was to me in like 2 days!!! :O) So I was happy with that too!

On to other purchases.. I went to the mall and decided to stop into the GNC store there.. I really want to have one of those colonostomy cleanings (like one that Tyra did on her show with the water irrigation!!) but as of now, Im too busy to think about even scheduling something like this.. So I decided to do a colon cleanse/flush.
The sales girl told me to do this 7 day one which is a GNC brand.. says it works pretty good.. it was on sale for $32.99 but reqularly its only like $35.99.. So I decided to try it.. Im not good at keeping at things.. but im trying my hardest to stay on top of this.. I can say that I think it started working the first day I started this program which was yesterday.. It gives you even a diet/eating plan to follow.. but im not really following this.. Im really doing what I normally do but cutting out all junk food and Ill see how it works.. The only thing I dont really like about it is that in the AM routine you have to take this powder that you mix with either water or juice. It just gross's me out cause it makes whatever you are eating a thicker liquid and it has a sort of sweetish taste that makes it even worse! ha!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Im Grieving with Haiti Today

Above is a picture of the Haitian Palace. A beautiful, magnificent construction... and now look at what the earthquake has done....

I was upset with myself for not really knowing what happened on Tuesday, January 12,2010 in Haiti. I really felt that I slacked on the news especially with something this crucial and important. This 7.0 earthquake has taken a toll on Haiti, I am sooo upset about this. Although, I am not Haitian, I have friends from this area.. and I feel the pain as though I were. I am part Jamaican and I can only imagine how devastated I would be to find out my family was in danger like this. I pray for all the people of Haiti. Those that have lost their lives, those grieving on loved ones, those injured and those that survived this ordeal. It is painful for us all. I know God is there stronger than any other time now. We are all still children of God and He WILL turn this around! God has a reason for everything He does in this world. Its hard to not be upset about this whole situation though.. I started to cry every time

I saw pictures of people who were affected by this, whether it is here in the states or internationally.. I literally broke down and started to sob uncontrollably.. I can feel their pain through my heart. I pray and pray for safety, healing and restoration! GOD PLEASE COME INTO THIS PLACE! I LOVE YOU LORD, YOU ARE MIGHTY AND CAN DO ALLLLL THINGS!!!!

Timberland has joined forces with Haiti and Wyclef.. per email I recieved you can donate:

Timberland cares about Haiti.
In the wake of Haiti's earthquake disaster, we pray for those whose lives and families have been devastated … and we unite, in concern and compassion and with a desire to do whatever we can to contribute to the relief and recovery Haiti and its community desperately and urgently need.

A few months back, Timberland announced its partnership with Yéle Haiti - a grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haiti while transforming the country through educational, cultural and environmental programs. At the time, the vision for our partnership with Yéle Haiti was one of reforestation – building a tree nursery in Gonaives, a city in northern Haiti devastated by a series of hurricanes and storms; enlisting local farmers to maintain it; and using the trees grown there to reforest the hillsides surrounding the city.

As part of our partnership with Yéle Haiti, Timberland makes a donation to the organization for every pair of Earthkeepers™ Yéle Haiti boots and Yéle Haiti t-shirts that we sell. While the original intent for that donation was to support Haiti’s reforestation, we’re now rededicating our efforts – and our donation – to the country’s earthquake relief.

Should you wish to contribute personally to the massive relief effort underway, this link will allow you to donate directly to the Yéle Haiti organization. You can also donate $5 to the Yéle Haiti Earthquake Fund by texting the word “Yéle” to 501501.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ughhhhh!!! WHY is it so hard to find these characters for my daughters bday!!!! >:(

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party Time!!!!!...........

I am (in my spare time) trying to get my daughters 1st birthday party planned and also helping to plan my MIL (Mother In Law's) 50th birthday party too.. I would Love to get into the PARTY PLANNING Business! I think that this is something that I will try to grow into my own "thing" on the side to make extra money... (hey, u have to have some kind of hussle to make it in this world :/ ... LOL)
So I'm going to start my portfolio and getting organized.. I know it will be a success when I put my mind to it!!

I LOVE parties.. For my daughter I'm thinking a Lilo & Stitch theme.. but I am finding it really hard to find Lilo & Stitch paraphernalia or just decorations in general.. I guess its not the "it thing" right now :( So I'm forced to watch a bunch of items on EBay until I can find something..
My backup theme is Dora, and I have really creative ideas for this too but Im still not fully stoked on the Dora theme.. at least not for her 1st Bday :)
Her Bday is in June and Im sooo excited!!! :) We may be doing this in our backyard.. Im just afraid of the weather.. ugh!!! Ill need to check the 2010 farmers almanac for her tentative date :) My budget for her bday will be max $1000.00. This should include all vendors, decorations, foods, etc... I WILL make this work! haha!!!

For my MIL, she has told me her color scheme that she wants, which is black, silver, and white.. We may incorporate some red in that... She doesn't want the gold... which is the traditional color for the 50th year,.... but whatev!
I know for her I want to do balloons for the centerpieces.. I have to find a reasonable venue.. possibly a local fire hall that rents somewhere between $400-$600 for 5 hours. We have some idea on who the DJ will be who will charge very little or maybe nothing at all.. The catering so far I am showing will be around $600.00 for 50 people which is a REALLY GOOD DEAL! So now we have to get the right amount of people that are going to be there (guest list) and other decor and odds and ends in place.. This event will not be until October... but I like to get everything in order now so it wont be a rushed job.. :D I would say a fair amount to budget for this event will be $1500-$2000.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My scent at the moment...

When i went shopping the other day, my sister in law got me to try one of Bath and Body works' newer collections called Twilight Woods...It smelled good so I decided to get it.. Little did I know how much my personal body scent would make this a really good smelling fragrance on me! Seriously, all I did was put it on my arms and upper body and it smells like I have a really nice purfume on! Im really loving this stuff right now!! :) Thanks SIL!!!
I know everyones personal body scent is different but I really reccommend this fragrance... I dont have to use any body spray at all.. This is all I put on ;)

I just got my order in from Overstock for a down comforter that I have been wanting for the longest but I dont really think that I got the right one.. It was more flat, but Im giving it a couple days due to maybe the packaging as to the reason for it being so flat :/ I dont really like returning things but so Ill see what happens.. It was only for $35.49 for a king size.. I got the rose color..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some pix :)

I decided to use my new camera my DH bought me for Christmas today and take some pics of myself! I only wore eyeshadow and light lipstick in the top pics.. The only pic I had on my full makeup is the last where Im in my car.. I think they came out really nice :)**OH YEAH... Puhh leeez excuse the eyebrows! hehehe! Enjoy!!! lol!

**The 2nd to the last one is a shot of my hair length.. didnt have a ruler but just so that I can always come back and view for updates! :*)
Tell me what you think???????? :0)