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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its a Beautiful Day :) ... and I am soo tired! :(

Today was one of my clinical days at school.. Had to be at the hospital by 6:45 am, which means waking up at 5am and leaving my house by 5:45am.. Then I work every night until 10pm.. Needless to say I am BEAT! lol!! I am exhausted. I am used to this cycle but being that we had a week off for spring break and also the weather is getting nicer its really draining the energy out of me.. Then again I did start working out and that could be where some of my energy is being depleted from. I know it takes some energy from you when you just start but you start to gain energy shortly following.. (kinda like pregnancy! hehehe) I know the sun has good properties and is good for Vitamin D but it takes my energy out of me while I'm driving to work for the night.
I thank God for my job and my supervisor.. Been here for 2 happy years! :) And I am grateful that I have a sit down/computer job.
I am thankful because I was able to spend time with my daughter after clinical today too.. along with my mom and one of sisters. Working full-time and being in nursing school full-time it gives me and my DH limited of time to really be with our baby girl. It really doesn't seem that bad though because we have a wonderful support system and the time that we do spend with our baby girl we cherish every Milli-second of it! :D

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