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Thursday, February 25, 2010

General Update on .... Stuff!

I really need to get on a regular workout schedule and curve my eating habits to more heathier choices. Ive been having some pains in my chest area by my heart and that is not something I want to take chances with or play with.. So as of TODAY.. I vow to myself to eat healthier and to loose all of this extra baggage I have going on.. I know I can do it but it starts with me motivating myself first and not looking for another source for motivation.. Diet pills are not going to work if I can still stop at Mcdonalds or BK for a quick "burger" at 11pm at night after work.. I just need to QUIT IT!...

I purchased this cookbook this passed summer called "Cook yourself thin" Its a show on lifetime that teaches about cooking more healthier.. It really worked for me and I will be going back to use these recipes... I HAVE TO .. I NEED MY LIFE BACK!

I have not been taking MEGA-T regularly as I was in the first week.. I just didnt feel any energy nor notice any thing at all.. So I quit.. Glad I only spent $10 instead of more for the other ones.. I may come back to it but not for now. Ill focus on exercise and eating better for now..
I dont want to join a gym in fear that I will waste money and never be able to go.. I have a treadmill at home.. but I rather work out to home DVD's or workout shows on TV.. I think Its a lot more interactive.. and not as tedious.. Im also praying to God to help me and keep me motivated.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Im SOOO Exhausted... LONG HAUL :)

Im starting to slack off again!! lol! Last post was almost a month ago. Its just a little hard since I started my semester of 23 credits plus working a full-time job.. On top of that a mother of an infant and wife.. You ever feel so tired that you feel all funny and delirious! LMBO!!!! (maybe I shouldnt be admitting I feel like this!) LOL!! I keep reminding myself that It is only temporary and the end is closer than what I think .. It will ALL be worth it in the end.. IT BETTER BE! :0D


Soooo.... as far as my GNC follow up.. I am soooooooo bad.. I mean EXTREMELY BAD, at following a steady regimine.. I only did like 3 out of the 7 days of the body clense.. It was just too much for me to keep up with.. There were just too many pills to take and some were just big 'ol horse pills.. Then the powder that I had to mix with water/juice was HORRIBLE!!! yuk! (im gagging just thinking about it now):~
I quit! My DH says that he will try the 5 days left of the product.. so I will see how it works out for him. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars as a rating.. While it did work (due to the fact that I was regular for those 3 days and im normally not, it was just nasty tasting and too many pills)

Since this didnt work for me I decided to try my good old ACTIVIA.. I love this stuff.. It really works for me and gets my digestive track moving.
I also wanted to try some sort of diet pill, just to jump start my metabolism.. After careful consideration and research of Ali and Quick Trim (the one Kim Kardashian endorses), I decided not to even try either at this point.. Ali just scared me with the loose stools and you have to decide when to take it as far as with a high fat meal.. and QT had just too much of a regimine I had to stick with.
So, I decided to go cheaper and with something more natural... I chose, MEGA-T Green Tea. The bottle claims to burn belly fat.. (which is my biggest problem) This is just twice a day.. one mid-morning and another mid-afternoon. Been doing this for about 3 days now.. not really noticing anything drastic but im going to try to give it a month and see how everything goes.

Today I decided to stock back up on some hair products and buy some that I have been wanting to try..
What I purchased today at various stores was:
Silicon Mix by Avant
Kids Organics Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion
NTM Deep Recovery Mask
Henna 'n' Placenta Dual- Action Pac
Castor Oil

What I purchased online was:
Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Split Ends
NTM Silk Touch
Burts Bees Pre-Shampoo Avocado Butter

I am VERY happy with my purchases and cant wait to use them!!!! YAY!!!!!!

So DH and I have decided to take a mini vacation between Spring semester and Summer session of school.. We are both in school but seriously need some sort of break.. We are either going to JA or FL.. More info to come on that as to which one to go to.. but for now Im just excited to be going SOMEWHERE!!! ANYWHERE!!!! :D