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Monday, January 18, 2010

e.l.f. purchase update and other purchases made over the weekend :)

So after some good reviews on the e.l.f. line (from other bloggers), I decided to go ahead and buy some things... I really wanted a decent makeup brush set and was looking everywhere for an affordable one.. I was only willing to spend around $20-$30 because first, I dont have money to buy really expensive ones and secondly, I feel that brushes all do the same thing, if you know what you are looking for. So, I was a little skeptical at first about their products because they are sooo cheep! Only $1 for any kind of makeup brush! After reading the reviews I decided to purchase... I purchased the 12 peice makeup brush set. There are brushes in there that I dont even know how to use as yet:) But I will learn ;)
The brushes so far are of pretty fair quality for only being $1. They are not hard at all.. I havent had any shedding of the makeup brushes as yet.. Then again, I have only used them about 2 times.. and only about 3 of them.

SINCE this was such a good deal of only $12 for 12 brushes, I decided to check out the rest of their website and saw their lip gloss's which were only $1 also... They were the kind I have been looking for, for a while now.. They have all good ingredients, flavored, spf 15 and also have a variety of colors that actually look like the color when you put them on! I their lip glosses now!!!! :0P

Now, this brand apparently can be purchased at Target but I unfortunately dont live really in a close proximity to one :( So it was easier for me to purchase online and it was to me in like 2 days!!! :O) So I was happy with that too!

On to other purchases.. I went to the mall and decided to stop into the GNC store there.. I really want to have one of those colonostomy cleanings (like one that Tyra did on her show with the water irrigation!!) but as of now, Im too busy to think about even scheduling something like this.. So I decided to do a colon cleanse/flush.
The sales girl told me to do this 7 day one which is a GNC brand.. says it works pretty good.. it was on sale for $32.99 but reqularly its only like $35.99.. So I decided to try it.. Im not good at keeping at things.. but im trying my hardest to stay on top of this.. I can say that I think it started working the first day I started this program which was yesterday.. It gives you even a diet/eating plan to follow.. but im not really following this.. Im really doing what I normally do but cutting out all junk food and Ill see how it works.. The only thing I dont really like about it is that in the AM routine you have to take this powder that you mix with either water or juice. It just gross's me out cause it makes whatever you are eating a thicker liquid and it has a sort of sweetish taste that makes it even worse! ha!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Im Grieving with Haiti Today

Above is a picture of the Haitian Palace. A beautiful, magnificent construction... and now look at what the earthquake has done....

I was upset with myself for not really knowing what happened on Tuesday, January 12,2010 in Haiti. I really felt that I slacked on the news especially with something this crucial and important. This 7.0 earthquake has taken a toll on Haiti, I am sooo upset about this. Although, I am not Haitian, I have friends from this area.. and I feel the pain as though I were. I am part Jamaican and I can only imagine how devastated I would be to find out my family was in danger like this. I pray for all the people of Haiti. Those that have lost their lives, those grieving on loved ones, those injured and those that survived this ordeal. It is painful for us all. I know God is there stronger than any other time now. We are all still children of God and He WILL turn this around! God has a reason for everything He does in this world. Its hard to not be upset about this whole situation though.. I started to cry every time

I saw pictures of people who were affected by this, whether it is here in the states or internationally.. I literally broke down and started to sob uncontrollably.. I can feel their pain through my heart. I pray and pray for safety, healing and restoration! GOD PLEASE COME INTO THIS PLACE! I LOVE YOU LORD, YOU ARE MIGHTY AND CAN DO ALLLLL THINGS!!!!

Timberland has joined forces with Haiti and Wyclef.. per email I recieved you can donate:

Timberland cares about Haiti.
In the wake of Haiti's earthquake disaster, we pray for those whose lives and families have been devastated … and we unite, in concern and compassion and with a desire to do whatever we can to contribute to the relief and recovery Haiti and its community desperately and urgently need.

A few months back, Timberland announced its partnership with Yéle Haiti - a grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haiti while transforming the country through educational, cultural and environmental programs. At the time, the vision for our partnership with Yéle Haiti was one of reforestation – building a tree nursery in Gonaives, a city in northern Haiti devastated by a series of hurricanes and storms; enlisting local farmers to maintain it; and using the trees grown there to reforest the hillsides surrounding the city.

As part of our partnership with Yéle Haiti, Timberland makes a donation to the organization for every pair of Earthkeepers™ Yéle Haiti boots and Yéle Haiti t-shirts that we sell. While the original intent for that donation was to support Haiti’s reforestation, we’re now rededicating our efforts – and our donation – to the country’s earthquake relief.

Should you wish to contribute personally to the massive relief effort underway, this link will allow you to donate directly to the Yéle Haiti organization. You can also donate $5 to the Yéle Haiti Earthquake Fund by texting the word “Yéle” to 501501.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ughhhhh!!! WHY is it so hard to find these characters for my daughters bday!!!! >:(

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party Time!!!!!...........

I am (in my spare time) trying to get my daughters 1st birthday party planned and also helping to plan my MIL (Mother In Law's) 50th birthday party too.. I would Love to get into the PARTY PLANNING Business! I think that this is something that I will try to grow into my own "thing" on the side to make extra money... (hey, u have to have some kind of hussle to make it in this world :/ ... LOL)
So I'm going to start my portfolio and getting organized.. I know it will be a success when I put my mind to it!!

I LOVE parties.. For my daughter I'm thinking a Lilo & Stitch theme.. but I am finding it really hard to find Lilo & Stitch paraphernalia or just decorations in general.. I guess its not the "it thing" right now :( So I'm forced to watch a bunch of items on EBay until I can find something..
My backup theme is Dora, and I have really creative ideas for this too but Im still not fully stoked on the Dora theme.. at least not for her 1st Bday :)
Her Bday is in June and Im sooo excited!!! :) We may be doing this in our backyard.. Im just afraid of the weather.. ugh!!! Ill need to check the 2010 farmers almanac for her tentative date :) My budget for her bday will be max $1000.00. This should include all vendors, decorations, foods, etc... I WILL make this work! haha!!!

For my MIL, she has told me her color scheme that she wants, which is black, silver, and white.. We may incorporate some red in that... She doesn't want the gold... which is the traditional color for the 50th year,.... but whatev!
I know for her I want to do balloons for the centerpieces.. I have to find a reasonable venue.. possibly a local fire hall that rents somewhere between $400-$600 for 5 hours. We have some idea on who the DJ will be who will charge very little or maybe nothing at all.. The catering so far I am showing will be around $600.00 for 50 people which is a REALLY GOOD DEAL! So now we have to get the right amount of people that are going to be there (guest list) and other decor and odds and ends in place.. This event will not be until October... but I like to get everything in order now so it wont be a rushed job.. :D I would say a fair amount to budget for this event will be $1500-$2000.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My scent at the moment...

When i went shopping the other day, my sister in law got me to try one of Bath and Body works' newer collections called Twilight Woods...It smelled good so I decided to get it.. Little did I know how much my personal body scent would make this a really good smelling fragrance on me! Seriously, all I did was put it on my arms and upper body and it smells like I have a really nice purfume on! Im really loving this stuff right now!! :) Thanks SIL!!!
I know everyones personal body scent is different but I really reccommend this fragrance... I dont have to use any body spray at all.. This is all I put on ;)

I just got my order in from Overstock for a down comforter that I have been wanting for the longest but I dont really think that I got the right one.. It was more flat, but Im giving it a couple days due to maybe the packaging as to the reason for it being so flat :/ I dont really like returning things but so Ill see what happens.. It was only for $35.49 for a king size.. I got the rose color..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some pix :)

I decided to use my new camera my DH bought me for Christmas today and take some pics of myself! I only wore eyeshadow and light lipstick in the top pics.. The only pic I had on my full makeup is the last where Im in my car.. I think they came out really nice :)**OH YEAH... Puhh leeez excuse the eyebrows! hehehe! Enjoy!!! lol!

**The 2nd to the last one is a shot of my hair length.. didnt have a ruler but just so that I can always come back and view for updates! :*)
Tell me what you think???????? :0)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sat... worked and then got off and went to the mall for some much needed shopping and catching up. Wen to Sephora (FINALLY) and got my Smashbox lip enhancing gloss- true color in Pixel :) Im soooo loving it right now.. the shade looks sooo good on me being that it is the winter time... cant really wear it in the summer time though..Here is a pic of it:

I also made a well overdue stop at MAC and purchased my concealer, mineral powder, and liquid foundation for a grand total of $67.50. I may be returning the liquid foundation because I know that I can get a better deal just using L'OREAL's true match..for around $12.00 instead of the $27.00 :/

Made other stops which included the Gap, and bath and body works which were having nice sales! So I was pretty happy with my purchases.. Overall I spent approx $150 and got 2 shirts, 1 skirt, lip gloss, concealer, foundation, and mineral powder, 2 body splash's, 1 body lotion, shea butter infused socks.

Sooooooo on to the next!!!

Hoping to make 2011 the year I finally get to see the ball drop in NYC!! Im sooo close but yet so far away for this and I promise myself every year that I will be going one year after the next I just never get on the ball with it (no pun intended) lol!!!! *im such a dork* lol!!! I just cant wait.. I really hope to buy the tickets for a hotel in NYC by this weekend.. Hotel rooms are already starting to get booked!! YAWWWZAAA!!!!!! ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Listening Pleasure Right Now

For christmas my hubby got me some CD's.. I am so happy about because I havent bought music for myself for like over a year! lol!
Loving Maxwell, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys right now! :) I also got Queen Latifah's jazz CD persona.. havent really listened yet but Im getting there :)
My music style can vary.. but my all time favs are Sade, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys :)

Sooo.. I have made a list on where I would like to go .. Eventually in life I would like to visit all 7 continents and all 50 states. I think that this is attainable, but right now I am making a list to start out.. so here is what I have so far... (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)