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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party Time!!!!!...........

I am (in my spare time) trying to get my daughters 1st birthday party planned and also helping to plan my MIL (Mother In Law's) 50th birthday party too.. I would Love to get into the PARTY PLANNING Business! I think that this is something that I will try to grow into my own "thing" on the side to make extra money... (hey, u have to have some kind of hussle to make it in this world :/ ... LOL)
So I'm going to start my portfolio and getting organized.. I know it will be a success when I put my mind to it!!

I LOVE parties.. For my daughter I'm thinking a Lilo & Stitch theme.. but I am finding it really hard to find Lilo & Stitch paraphernalia or just decorations in general.. I guess its not the "it thing" right now :( So I'm forced to watch a bunch of items on EBay until I can find something..
My backup theme is Dora, and I have really creative ideas for this too but Im still not fully stoked on the Dora theme.. at least not for her 1st Bday :)
Her Bday is in June and Im sooo excited!!! :) We may be doing this in our backyard.. Im just afraid of the weather.. ugh!!! Ill need to check the 2010 farmers almanac for her tentative date :) My budget for her bday will be max $1000.00. This should include all vendors, decorations, foods, etc... I WILL make this work! haha!!!

For my MIL, she has told me her color scheme that she wants, which is black, silver, and white.. We may incorporate some red in that... She doesn't want the gold... which is the traditional color for the 50th year,.... but whatev!
I know for her I want to do balloons for the centerpieces.. I have to find a reasonable venue.. possibly a local fire hall that rents somewhere between $400-$600 for 5 hours. We have some idea on who the DJ will be who will charge very little or maybe nothing at all.. The catering so far I am showing will be around $600.00 for 50 people which is a REALLY GOOD DEAL! So now we have to get the right amount of people that are going to be there (guest list) and other decor and odds and ends in place.. This event will not be until October... but I like to get everything in order now so it wont be a rushed job.. :D I would say a fair amount to budget for this event will be $1500-$2000.

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