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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sulu mini update

no pics.. sorry.. but just wanted to update that I have not been using this product on a regular basis.. I was really trying to do it to have a good review but it was just too messy and annoying.. The smell wasnt bad at all but with a 2 1/2 month old baby and nursing clinicals, working, working out again, and having a hubby to cater to, it was just all too much. (yeah, Im doing a lot right now! *snicker*) I will probobly try again because I really want to try MegaTek too.. So Ill possibly wait until December to try it again plus I really want to grow in my temple areas because they are looking really bad :( I can see hair growing in but it makes me feel soo bad..

I am still def. going to keep up my hair regimine.. Im excited about that.. Here is an update:

Ive been using S-curl in the morning after co washing and sealing moisture in w./ my oil.. My hair is sooo moisturized!! At night I baggy with GVP potion 9 and Herbal Essence on my ends.. Im loving this routine for my WNG's!! Im excited about getting some EO's like coconut, jojoba, pepperment, almond etc.!! :D Just have to go to prob out local Farmers Market to get some..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Aveeno Lip Conditioner vs. Burts Bees Lip Conditioner

I must say, when my sister in law bought me this lip conditioner I was greatful but I figured it would do the same as all the other ones that Ive tried.. but alas it was not! :)

It has a really pleasant smell and condtioned sooo nicely!!! My lips are sooo soft! Now, I LOVE my burts bees, preferably the original but I may have to change up my lip conditioner! It will def. be one added to the "good stuff lip stuff" collection of mine! :)

As for burts bees could really care less for the honey one.. it just plain old stinks to me.. and the replenishing one is good once in a while, but nothing can beat the menthyl tingly feeling of the original! ITS THE BEST!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clean and Clear deep action cream cleanser

This stuff is the bomb diggity!!! Im loving the way its making my face feel and it really deep cleans my pores to the point of where I can see! I folowup with a toner and any kind of face moisturizer.. (try to find ones that protect against UV rays) but this is working for me so far.. So if it aint broke.... Ill try other products when this starts to not work for me anymore, maybe in the winter as the weather starts to change.

I only paid $1 for the trial size (1oz.) at my local Wal-mart.. I loved the fact that I got to test it out before I actually bought it.. The full size of 60z. is only around $4.50 here where I live. Not bad! :D

5/5 stars in my book!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day on Sulu

Well actually my first day was when I received the product which was Wednesday night. Got here faily quick considering I ordered Sunday night and it was shipped out on Monday. When I took it out the box, it was not that smelly as I had already prepared myself for. It was not bad AT ALL.. all this talk about bacon smell and even BBQ smells was not the case for me.. I think it just smells like Sulfur! lol! not the smelly one but like the hair dressing Sulfur-8. I kind of like the smell, its medicated like and makes me "feel" like its working! lol! yeah Im weird..

But anywhoo.. I parted my hair every which way and applied it to my scalp. It started to run a little but i got that under control. then after fully applied I put my hair in a baggie and then put my scarf around and went to sleep.. Now I plan to do this every other night, so tonight Im going to do it but have my "Wash Day" Saturday evening.. and then start all over again after I DC with all my products.. Im excited to see results..
IF you want to see my before (and after- when completed) .. go to my FOTKI.. :D

Which reminds me.. I have to get down a good regimine.. This is what I have so far.....(products im not too sure of as yet but have an idea on what Im going to use for each step)

Pre-poo-Herbal Essence- Hello Hydration
Poo- Creme of Nature (Green Label)
Protein DC- Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) replenishing Pak {mixed w/ EVOO OR Aphoogee 2 min reconstructor}
Moisture DC- Neutrogena Triple Moisture (NTM) hair mask, OR Silk Elements
Leave-In Moisturizer- Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In, OR Jane Carter, OR NTM Silk Leave-In
Light Sealing Oil- Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, OR Coconut Oil

Daily Moistorize: (3x's/day)
Elast QP H-two OR S-Curl and Carol's Daughter Hair Balm OR Elasta QP Recovery OR NTM Leave in OR Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion {havent decided} tee hee hee

Other than "Wash Day"
Co-Wash daily- Herbal Essence-Hello Hydration

For my "Wash n Go's"
Co- Wash (HE)
Kinky curly custard and Kinky Curly Knot Today

*** IF you have read my blog or following,... please feel free to let me know any suggestions or what other processes or routine/products you feel would work better.. Im open for any suggestions and just like to hear from people in general :D ****

Cant wait to go product shopping!!!! Will start this regimine this Saturday evening and will try my hardest to stay on top of it and working out every day at least for 30 min. Also Im still going to use my Sulu, so as for the moisturizers, I may just wait to use that since it leave my hair so oily already and will Co-wash every other day instead of every day :)
Lets see what happens next, I will do an update in about a week! :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sulu Max Gro

oh yeah... so after full research per youtube and also other blogs and LHCF, I decided to purchase some sulu max grow. I was skeptical on going head strong and purchases straight out the MTG. So I figured that this would help my transition on trying this product a little easier. I cant wait to try it!! Im soo excited!!! :D

Other things: I am thinking about adding to my daily vitamin regimine Garlic pills. I think that this will help with my shed that im having now.. I want to grow grow grow!!! :D

Cardioke and Bollywood

Sooo. one of my girlfriends told me to try out these workouts which are available if you have comcast or verizon on demand...they were sooo much fun! I started last night and ended up doing 3 different workouts! It felt sooo good! I cant wait to go home and start again..
Cardioke is feat. Billy Blanks JR.. and Bollywood is like the native Indian dance .. Both fun and hip and cool to do! I LOVED IT!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Really Quick

So I have bee doing my nail regimine since last time.. Havent seen anything yet but its only been a few days! I think I will give it a good month and if nothing, I will be moving on to the next product. * BTW.. you can keep this solution up to 1 week.. just an FYI.

So I started on my multivitamins from Trader Joe's yesterday.. My Fish oils.. and also some Biotin for my hair.. Im hoping that this will kick start me getting my energy back!

Friday, August 14, 2009


So Im trying to grow strong nails, not necesarily long but nice and strong. I have thin brittle nails and for years of artificial acrylics were not helping me either. It actually has had my nails come off from the nail bed. and i have one so bad that it is still not attatching all the way. I hope my blog will help those who are trying to grow nice strong nails.. I will list products that Im using and also any type of results Im having. This will help me and hopefully help others in the process. Ive been doing some research off and on online and Im hoping that I will find something that will work for me!!!

Here is a picture of my nails along with the one nail that will not grow back on the nail bed.. UGH! its soo annoying! No more artificials for me!! Well at least until I can get this nail healthy again.. it looks sooo gross..

My first treatment: (havent done yet but will start tonight)

1.Equal parts of Listerine and White Vinegar.

2.Soak for 15 minutes 2x/day

3.Rinse/Wash hands
completely clean
I will try this and see if this will help.. I have also just come across something called Tammy Taylor's Nails.. check this out..
I may be looking more into this product.. seems very good so far.. Want to do some more research still though.. :D