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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clean and Clear deep action cream cleanser

This stuff is the bomb diggity!!! Im loving the way its making my face feel and it really deep cleans my pores to the point of where I can see! I folowup with a toner and any kind of face moisturizer.. (try to find ones that protect against UV rays) but this is working for me so far.. So if it aint broke.... Ill try other products when this starts to not work for me anymore, maybe in the winter as the weather starts to change.

I only paid $1 for the trial size (1oz.) at my local Wal-mart.. I loved the fact that I got to test it out before I actually bought it.. The full size of 60z. is only around $4.50 here where I live. Not bad! :D

5/5 stars in my book!!

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