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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sooo here is the deal.. with myself.

First off....Please don't think that I am bi-polar people! ;) LOL!! I tend to change my mind a lot...But I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and as much as I would really love to have lap band surgery I have been thinking "Can I do this by myself?!"
Where is this all coming from, you may ask?, Well from my previous posts I have been thinking about the pros and cons of the surgery. The pro's include:
1. Loosing weight
2. Feeling full/satisfied
3. Able to keep off the weight by help of fills

1. Having a device in my stomach possibly for life.
2. Slippages/errosions/PB'ing and all the other negative effects of the band
3. Having to get an injection for the fills
4. Slow weight loss.(This is not really a con but I can do this with dieting and exercising by myself)
5. Not taking Ibuprofren(ADvil) Which is my cure all med esp. for my Aunt Flo's
6. No SODA!!!! Which I will be cutting out but I occasionally would like a Cherry Coke every other month or so for a treat :/
7. No Alcohol.. which I really do not drink like that but I enjoy my occasional martini or long island iced tea.

I feel like I have the motivation to work out/exercise on my own and do it. Well I have made little and small deals with myself... Here they are..

First 25lbs:

This will be my first motivation to loose my first 25lbs.. which I am hoping to achieve by the time I have my appt. for my pulmonologist. I may still keep that appt but I will at least be down 25lbs! :)

For 50lbs:

A trip to the Hershey Spa, in Hershey, PA!!! YAY!!!! My DH actually made this a gift from him when I reach this goal. I have been wanting to go here for the longest.. Just never had the time.. Now I have it as a goal to work towards!! YAY!!

Now in total I would like to loose 100lbs. So I have to come up with goals for my 75lb mark and of course the big 100lb mark.. I will have to think about this.. In between my 50lb to 75lb Im pretty sure that I will need to go clothes shopping spree, so we shall see..

As far as activities and food,I will be working out everyday and changing of course my diet. I would love to start by doing any 5K. I would possibly walk my first time and work my way up to a run! Im so excited to start.. I wonder how long it will take me to reach my gaol!? hmmmmm...

I plan to purchase more healthier choices by paying attention to more veggies, fruits, proteins, less sugars, and TONS of water..

Some Items that I would like to purchase sooner than later include:
1. A Bike
2. New running/cross training sneakers.. (New Balance or Asics)
3. Weight Watchers Scale or something similar..
4. Get my gym membership back.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Initial Consult.. things are moving along very fast!

So I had my initial consult with a lapband surgeon yesterday morning and it went wonderful! Since yesterday I have already scheduled my appt with my pulmonologist, cardiologist and all 6 of my nutrition classes! This is going to be a fast process!!! I am excited and nervous at the same time because on one hand I really want this surgery and on the other hand I am scared because it will be life changing. There are things you have to avoid with the band like.. No soda (no carbination), no ibuprofren.. and Advil works wonders for me.. and they say no alcohol... but I have seen other banders talk about they had a drink every now and again.. Also the hair falling out scares me a little.. I know that these are not major worries compared to band slippage.. errosion (other things that I should be worried about) but they are still life changing and will require for me to understand this mentally.
But I am ready for a change... I want to be healthy and be able to be more active. There are more pros to me to become thinner and absolutely no pros for me to stay the size that I am.. I am lucky that I have a husband that loves me no matter what.. I am truely greateful for this. but I am doing this for me and I need to love me as much or even more.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Initial Consult

I went to a seminar tonight for lap band surgery. I also scheduled my intial consult with one of the doctors for this Thursday the 20th. Im so excited that I got it scheduled so soon! YAY!! I know that with my insurance I will still have a six month wait with a structured diet but Im positive that this time will go quickly and Im excited to get started. I figure my first meeting will be sometime towards the end of this month or early next month... That would be awesome! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

My son, my son, my son is here!!!!!

My baby boy arrived here on Dr. Kings birthday 1/15/11!!!!!!!!!! He arrived healthy and right on time! Thank you Jesus!!!!! :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good News!! Good News!!!

After having my membranes stripped today my doctor has also said that she is going to induce me by Monday if nothing happens!! Im super excited about this! What if he is born on MLK day! ooh my! :D

I am alll sooooo ready for this! Apart of the reason for this is because I have the GD and my BP has been creeping up so we dont want any other problems with it! I can not wait to meet my little dumpling!!!!

...And get Mirena! LOL!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can't wait!!

I am soo excited about having my baby, the countdown is on!!! 13 more days! I am very impatient right now but I am praying he comes soon with all the uncomfortableness that I am indwelling. No sleeping and extremem pressure and pain.. not to mention the constant bathroom runs in the middle of the night and bumping in to the walls! haha!!! Boy o Boy I can not wait!!
I just keep praying for a healthy and happy baby boy with all his fingers and toes and just again healthy! I thank God right now for his safe delivery into this world! :D

I am also excited because after he comes I can really focus on getting my lapband surgery.. Its been sooo fun so far browsing and following some other fellow bloggers and their own experience, it gives me motivation and makes me excited about getting it done. As I mentioned in my goals I am aiming to have it done hopefully by August/September of this year if all goes well (which I pray it does)!
I have set up my weight tracker to start at 255lbs. as that was the weight I was at prior to getting pregnant with my son. I am putting it allll out there! I have never told anyone exactly what I weighed except for my husband (not even my mom) so I guess that this is my first step!

Later I will blog about my weight experience throughout the years so far. Maybe after delivary since this will be my main focus. I am going to have 6 months to talk about it because my insurance which is BCBS requires me to be on a structured diet program for 6 months prior to surgery. lol! I wish it wasn't because I would schedule it literally right after the birth of my baby boy!! haha!!!
I can not wait to look, feel, and be healthy!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Goals for 2011! :D

These are some goals that I wish to accomplish for 2011 and they are all doable and I am excited.. I am hoping that putting them in my blog will allow me to be able to come back to this and remind myself as motivation to keep up the work and progress! :D

1. Have my baby! Due January 22nd but hopefully sooner!! :D
2. Re-establish my credit.
3. Enroll into an ADN program and graduate in 2012.
4. Start my progress to get lapband surgery this year.. hopefully by August/September!!!! :D
5. Eat healthier/healthy lifestyle.. this will def be a motivation because I want my surgery.

Major Plans for 2011/purchases:
1. Pay off some debt with income tax.. hoping we get a good amount this year!!
2. Purchase a new bed ( I want a King size!!)
3. Plan my daughter's 2nd Bday party
4. Pay off our truck (August) and upkeep it so that we will have no car payment for at least another year
5. Go on a trip to Florida (Possibly by April/May)
6. Buy a bike (Ill tell hubby to get me this as a bday present ;))
7. Purchase a new wedding band for my DH.. I lost his on the beach in Jamaica on our last vacay :(
8. Get lazer hair removal for my PCOS issues I am having

That is all I have for now, but I will be adding to this whenever I can remember any other major goals/accomplishments I would like to fulfill for 2011!