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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can't wait!!

I am soo excited about having my baby, the countdown is on!!! 13 more days! I am very impatient right now but I am praying he comes soon with all the uncomfortableness that I am indwelling. No sleeping and extremem pressure and pain.. not to mention the constant bathroom runs in the middle of the night and bumping in to the walls! haha!!! Boy o Boy I can not wait!!
I just keep praying for a healthy and happy baby boy with all his fingers and toes and just again healthy! I thank God right now for his safe delivery into this world! :D

I am also excited because after he comes I can really focus on getting my lapband surgery.. Its been sooo fun so far browsing and following some other fellow bloggers and their own experience, it gives me motivation and makes me excited about getting it done. As I mentioned in my goals I am aiming to have it done hopefully by August/September of this year if all goes well (which I pray it does)!
I have set up my weight tracker to start at 255lbs. as that was the weight I was at prior to getting pregnant with my son. I am putting it allll out there! I have never told anyone exactly what I weighed except for my husband (not even my mom) so I guess that this is my first step!

Later I will blog about my weight experience throughout the years so far. Maybe after delivary since this will be my main focus. I am going to have 6 months to talk about it because my insurance which is BCBS requires me to be on a structured diet program for 6 months prior to surgery. lol! I wish it wasn't because I would schedule it literally right after the birth of my baby boy!! haha!!!
I can not wait to look, feel, and be healthy!!!!

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