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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Goals for 2011! :D

These are some goals that I wish to accomplish for 2011 and they are all doable and I am excited.. I am hoping that putting them in my blog will allow me to be able to come back to this and remind myself as motivation to keep up the work and progress! :D

1. Have my baby! Due January 22nd but hopefully sooner!! :D
2. Re-establish my credit.
3. Enroll into an ADN program and graduate in 2012.
4. Start my progress to get lapband surgery this year.. hopefully by August/September!!!! :D
5. Eat healthier/healthy lifestyle.. this will def be a motivation because I want my surgery.

Major Plans for 2011/purchases:
1. Pay off some debt with income tax.. hoping we get a good amount this year!!
2. Purchase a new bed ( I want a King size!!)
3. Plan my daughter's 2nd Bday party
4. Pay off our truck (August) and upkeep it so that we will have no car payment for at least another year
5. Go on a trip to Florida (Possibly by April/May)
6. Buy a bike (Ill tell hubby to get me this as a bday present ;))
7. Purchase a new wedding band for my DH.. I lost his on the beach in Jamaica on our last vacay :(
8. Get lazer hair removal for my PCOS issues I am having

That is all I have for now, but I will be adding to this whenever I can remember any other major goals/accomplishments I would like to fulfill for 2011!

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