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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I HATE GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since my doctors office has diagnosed me with GD I am sooo freaking annoyed.. I dont know my left from my right.. its kind of like they said "okay you have GD, and prick your finger 4x a day and give us your numbers.. oh yeah and dont eat ANYTHING!" WTH!!! I have never dealt with diabetes before and going from not even worrying about my sugars to having to prick myself 4x a day is totally ridiculous! I hate the way they talk down to me like "think about your baby first" like DUH I am you loosers! but I am not used to this.. its not my fault that they diagnosed me so late in my pregnancy and my habits are not up to par with what they would like to see! Freak off! OMG!!! Of course I want a healthy and happy baby but I dont need you guys giving me a guilt trip and I dont need you talking to me like Im a child who is disobedient! BASTARDS!!!

Now I have to make sure that my blood pressure is under wraps and my GD is good.. They said something about putting me on some type of glucose pill to help with my levels because they are all over the place.. oh well.. no, I dont want that but If it will help me then I will try it. I want to be safe and definately want my baby to be safe..

Right now I feel like crap.. ate something that I KNOW that I shouldnt have eaten.. I need to cut Mcdonalds out of my diet for real.. like for ever! UGH!!! I got a burger wrap and a small fry and small coke and an m&m mcflurry.. YEAH I KNOW>... GD..GD...GD!!!! but I had a sweet tooth.. well I ate the fries and most of the wrap and half the soda.. but less than half of the ice cream and my body started to feel weird.. so I chugged down some water.. which I havent had enough of.. and Im starting to feel a little better.. I just pray that I will have a safe delivery..



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  2. OMG!! I have been out of the "blog world" for so long! I, too, had GD when I was pregnant. Hopefully all goes well for you and congratulations on the baby!!

    Btw...that was me who deleted the comment earlier. I was signed in under the wrong account. Sorry!

  3. Awww.. thanks so much Erin! Sorry it took me so long to respond too. I've been dealing with braxton Hicks and trying to figure out if he is going to make his appearance soon! :) I really am annoyed by all of the GD!
    They just put me on the medicine but I'm 38 weeks today and hoping to deliver by next week the latest! KFC!! Soo Im not sure if I should even start taking it! (I know im bad!)haha!!!