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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think I will blog today :-)

First Off this pregnancy has flown by but now I am sooo ready for my little blessing of a baby boy to come now! :) His due date is January 22nd 2011 but I am hoping that he can make an early debut in January!!! Its just moving too slow for me now and its driving me nutz!!! haha!!
I am thankful that he is healthy and we are doing good .. just keeping everything in God's hands still and praying everything will be just fine.
I went shopping yesterday (online) and bought some cute outfits for him at Carters and Old Navy, I am hoping that they fit him!!

Other news.. sad news.. my great grandmother passed away last month. Me and some members of my family traveled to Jamaica for her burial. She lived to be 115 years old! My God bless her soul and keep her. I got to see family members that I have not seen in a while and while there were some that made me want to get back to the states ASAP it was still good to be there for that time.

I had my baby shower too!!! YAY!!! Not a big turn out as it was when I had the one for Moriah but apparently there is a stomach bug going around and there were just the regular no shows that come along with any function.. All together I was thankful for the people who could make it and very thankful for their gifts!

This pregnancy has gown so fast that I havent even had time to do my maternity pictures as yet! UGH!!! I think we are going to do them after Christmas if the LO is still inside ;) One thing we are not doing with this pregnancy is the innerview ultrasound that we did with Moriah.. just because the money is tight and its really not going to be much different. I will spoil him when he gets here! :)

Other than that I guess we are just getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the cold weather! I cant wait until babygirl opens her presents! YAY!!!

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