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Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 Random Things About Me : Tagged :)

Hi Everyone.. its been a MINUTE!!! I am still here :) I didn't fall off the wagon.. Just been focusing on school since the summer session has come the end this week. I will catch up in another post. It has just been sooo crazy! But for now I would like to share that I was tagged in a post by my fellow blogger land friend ErikaWithaK!!! :)

I am to::: list 7 random things about yourself and answer a couple of questions :)
Here goes!!!!

1. I am a distant relative of Bob Marley. .Really like a second cousin.. and a Third to his children like Steve, Ziggy, Damien, Cedella and so on and so forth... I do not get to see them like that so its not even worth mentioning at times but that is that..

2. I tried out for American Idol some ways back when it was in Manhattan, NY. I didn't make it. I was crazy nervous.. I think I can sing at times :/ I am def. my worst critic.. I still plan to pursue my singing career but I want to do this strategically and really find out what I want to do.

3. OK.. so I'm not a stalker.. but I can be at times.. errr!!! LOL!!! but I would love to be friends with Raven Symone.. I think that she is AWESOME!! I think she is just so positive and really a cool person from what I can get of her.. And I am friends in my head (yes,..stole from Wendy Williams) with Alicia Keys.. and Mariah Carey haha!!! loves them too!

4. I went to an Immature concert when I was in 10th grade(It was my first concert and I was absolutely in LOVE with 'Batman') and I was on the floor about 6 rows back.. if that.. but anyway.. I was screaming so loud and standing on the chair to see them.. lmao!!! I hit my friend (who I practically bribed begged to come with me!) in the face because I was so excited when them came on stage! haha!!! Well I screamed so loud that I know that they threw out backstage passes at ME!!! But the throw was a row too short.. but it was right in front of me and this OLD couple got it!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I could of been Mrs. Houston!!! (lol! j/k hubby.. I lovvvvvvves me some you!! ;))

5. When I was younger I had a habit of squeaking like the kangaroo on Zoobali Zoo.. (please.. don't ask..smh...)

6. I am getting highly frustrated with the time it is taking me to get my nursing degree.. but It is okay.. God helped me to put some things into perspective.. and I am NOT going to stress! :) woooooo saaahhhh!!

7. Well this is the last one.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm... It was not as hard to come up with them so far.. Well....One day I am going to write a book.. not sure what it will be about but I am hoping that it will be a best seller.. We shall see :)

Okay so If you guys are not tired of reading about me yet here are some Q's and A's :)

*Favorite Color: Pink.. any shade of it <3 *Favorite Song: A lot between Gospel and R&B *Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake any flavoorrrr!!! mmm! *Biggest Pet Peeve: Ignorance *When You Are Upset, You: Tell ya how I feel ;) *Your Favorite Pet: Pomeranian.. his name is boo boos! lol!! *Black or White: Black *Biggest Fear: Never used to be but I think Its heights. *Everyday Attitude: Relaxed until I get stressed then its a wrap! *What is Perfection: Uniqueness *Guilty Pleasure: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now here are the names I would like to tag! :) Erin -My Personal Weight Loss Journey

Ro- Ro Gets Fit!

JTBrown- Mississippi Mulatto

Breanne- Lady Lab Band

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Dream Last Night

Last night I had a dream that I was working as a nurse.. It was scary because I could tell that it was one of my first days and I was not familiar with the hospital. I was on a floor that had many different types of isolation rooms. It was crazy. It was busy but I had a feeling of joy in my heart working as a nurse. It was not in PICU or NICU (which is where I am wanting to work) but it looked like maybe a MICU.. It was cool!
I just wish and pray that it was real.. Some of you may know by reading my blogs or knowing me but I am having difficultly finding a job as a LPN, I am a little disappointed at this point that I still have not found a job .. I know that what God has for me is for me but I am a little down with not finding anything as yet.. I am going to take my cousin's advice and look into temp agencies that will possibly do a temp to hire because I would LOVE to be known as a nurse! <3!!! I pray that this will come through. I am currently in school to get my RN but I really need to get the experience. I do have a seasonal position coming up in the Fall that is only from Sept-Dec. I pray that I can get into a nursing home or hospital so that I can start to work as a LPN soon.. The only thing that I am afraid of is not being able to work the days that I want off! :) lmbo!! I know! Very trivial but I was looking forward to that.. but I will sacrafice that If I am going to be in my ADN clinical seat starting in January! I will know that I am almost there.. If I dont get it then Im going to go straight online to finish my RN.. I can not take the stress anymore! :/ God please come through with my prayers please! But I thank you for ALLL you have done and provided!! Love, your daughter.. <3