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Friday, April 13, 2012

My.. my .. my

Well its been a while. I have not been blogging because life has been crazy! God has shifted some things and I'm embracing the changes that He has allowed to happen in my life. I do not wish to blog too much about it because there are nosey people that know my blog address that are no longer in my life that will try to look up whatever they can to find out info on me.. Sooo at this time I will not say too much but I am very happy for what God is doing in my life and I'm happy about the things that God is helping me with.
God is sooo good and awesome! I just want to thank Him all day and night! If I had a thousand tongues I could not still express the love and thankfulness that I have for Him!
Everything is still in prayer in my life but in a different way. Im waiting on my next which God has started to bring me to.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love conquers all! 😍

Hi all! This entry is from my iPhone and I'm just checking in! ;) I pray all is well with you all! Keeping God first and praying through all aspects of my life! Stay blessed!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

God said "I GOT THIS!" (CONT)

I wanted to also leave you guys today with a verse of a song that was in my head/spirit as I rose this morning. God placed this in my spirit and I am happy that He did because it brought me joy! :)

"At the Cross, at the Cross where I first saw the light,
And the burden of my heart rolled away,
It was there by faith I received my sight,
And now I am happy all the day!"

God said "I GOT THIS!"

I GOT THIS......These were the words I heard while sitting in church and I know that I heard God in my spirit telling me this. At that time I was praying for me to get into school for my ADN program (Which I did!!! All thanks be to God) But I never expected for this to flow over to the problems that Im having today within my marriage. At that time I could not even imagine something like this happening at all! But God is a good God and I know that goodness will prevail. He provides for ALL of our needs and wants in life. He is in control of everything and wants nothing but the best for you and if something or someone is not deserving of you then He will allow them or that stuff to depart from your life to not allow future heartache or failure. GOD LOVES YOU TOO MUCH TO HAVE YOU GO THROUGH THAT. Some of us are obedient and follow what He wants while others of us are afraid and not sure to let go all of the way so we get ourselves more hurt and God sits by and shakes his head waiting and waiting on you like a baby trying to walk but keeps missing the steps. His heart wants to help you but you have to learn on your own too.
I have decided to allow God to run my life and give Him total control of the wheel. I am NOTHING without God! He has provided for me and my family and I will continue to worship and honor the Lord. I know that the best is yet to come and I am excited in anticipation for God's will and works to be done in my life and the life of my family!!!!
So remember, when things are not going well.. God said "I GOT THIS" and pray and allow God to work in YOUR life. HE WILL PROVIDE, but YOU have to trust HIM! :) Stay blessed everyone!
Remember all things happen for a reason that we may not know while going through the process but like a diamond in the ruff we will come out shining and have greater value than before because of the spiritual refining process/cleaning that we must endure. God will do things in His time and when it is time.. all we have to do is stay prayerful and keep focussed. I love the Lord and I am happy that He is allowing some things to happen in my life because it is molding me into a better person. Even though things may not be my fault, I have found out some faults that I have had through the process to be a better person for my children and for whoever or whatever the future holds and I praise God for that. If He was trying to get my attention before, He has my FULL undivided attention now! Love ya Lord! :) :) XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXXO!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey Everyone!!! ITs been a WHILE!!!!! :)

Hi All It has been a while and I just wanted to check in. Its been some trying times recently and I am sad to say that me and my husband are not working out as much as I hoped. My last post was in reference to my marriage and I was praying that God was going to fix it but apparently God said it was not so! lol! (I can laugh about it now) I gave my husband one last chance to make things better and I was sincere on Feb. 7th and he turned me down. It was okay .. because I know I was sincere b/c I was feeling sorry for him and that is the not a real reason to try with someone but I do love him and I do not want to see him fail. But anyway if God wants to fix it then He will, but right now He must have something better for me because this happened without any fair warning. Oh well.. Its easy for me to say this now but Its the truth. I'm literally washing my hands clean of this situation. The only thing I'm hurt about is that we have innocent children involved and he did not even want to try because I NEVER wanted this kind of life for them. But again I know that God will supply a wonderful father for them. And I pray for the wisdom God will give me to have the right choice in a man. All the qualities of a husband and true genuine father. :) I cannot wait for the romance to begin!!!

Tomorrow is V-day and I was proposed to on this day 5 years ago. At first I didn't know how I would handle it but I think Ill be a big girl and I wont pout! :) I thank God for life and the health of my children and if my children are my Valentine I am perfectly happy with that. they give me joy and happiness every second of every day! :) :) xoxoxoxoxo!!!