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Friday, August 14, 2009


So Im trying to grow strong nails, not necesarily long but nice and strong. I have thin brittle nails and for years of artificial acrylics were not helping me either. It actually has had my nails come off from the nail bed. and i have one so bad that it is still not attatching all the way. I hope my blog will help those who are trying to grow nice strong nails.. I will list products that Im using and also any type of results Im having. This will help me and hopefully help others in the process. Ive been doing some research off and on online and Im hoping that I will find something that will work for me!!!

Here is a picture of my nails along with the one nail that will not grow back on the nail bed.. UGH! its soo annoying! No more artificials for me!! Well at least until I can get this nail healthy again.. it looks sooo gross..

My first treatment: (havent done yet but will start tonight)

1.Equal parts of Listerine and White Vinegar.

2.Soak for 15 minutes 2x/day

3.Rinse/Wash hands
completely clean
I will try this and see if this will help.. I have also just come across something called Tammy Taylor's Nails.. check this out..
I may be looking more into this product.. seems very good so far.. Want to do some more research still though.. :D

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