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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sulu mini update

no pics.. sorry.. but just wanted to update that I have not been using this product on a regular basis.. I was really trying to do it to have a good review but it was just too messy and annoying.. The smell wasnt bad at all but with a 2 1/2 month old baby and nursing clinicals, working, working out again, and having a hubby to cater to, it was just all too much. (yeah, Im doing a lot right now! *snicker*) I will probobly try again because I really want to try MegaTek too.. So Ill possibly wait until December to try it again plus I really want to grow in my temple areas because they are looking really bad :( I can see hair growing in but it makes me feel soo bad..

I am still def. going to keep up my hair regimine.. Im excited about that.. Here is an update:

Ive been using S-curl in the morning after co washing and sealing moisture in w./ my oil.. My hair is sooo moisturized!! At night I baggy with GVP potion 9 and Herbal Essence on my ends.. Im loving this routine for my WNG's!! Im excited about getting some EO's like coconut, jojoba, pepperment, almond etc.!! :D Just have to go to prob out local Farmers Market to get some..

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