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Thursday, September 10, 2009

David Bambaii Shampoo Review

Sooo.. In my process of trying to find a good Sulfate free shampoo.. I came across this one at Sally's. I was originally looking for Creme of Nature (CON) (Green Label) but apparently was told that they no longer make this just the new orange bottle organic one which contains sulfate :( So anyways.. I purchased the David Bambaii Shampoo... Smells Great!! But left my hair feeling dry and clumps of hair was sticking together! :( I tried it one more time just to make sure that it wasnt me and I had to wash my hair over again with my CON shampoo which contained the sulfate and THAT actually helped my hair out..

So then I figured.. hmm, well maybe its just my hair type.. so I gave it to my sister to use who has fine hair.. Well, it did the same for her too.. Now its a good product and all and he worked with Kate Hudson on this.. Good for the enviornment and all.. but it absolutely SUCKS on my hair! I was upset.. It was on sale and all.. Orig. $9.99 on sale for $7.99 prob b/c its not that good :~()

Oh well.. you learn in this process I guess...
So I went out and purchased QP Elasta Shampoo which is def. Sulfate free.. havent tried it as yet but I will this Saturday evening on wash day!! :) Im excited to try! YIPEE!!!!

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