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Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sat... worked and then got off and went to the mall for some much needed shopping and catching up. Wen to Sephora (FINALLY) and got my Smashbox lip enhancing gloss- true color in Pixel :) Im soooo loving it right now.. the shade looks sooo good on me being that it is the winter time... cant really wear it in the summer time though..Here is a pic of it:

I also made a well overdue stop at MAC and purchased my concealer, mineral powder, and liquid foundation for a grand total of $67.50. I may be returning the liquid foundation because I know that I can get a better deal just using L'OREAL's true match..for around $12.00 instead of the $27.00 :/

Made other stops which included the Gap, and bath and body works which were having nice sales! So I was pretty happy with my purchases.. Overall I spent approx $150 and got 2 shirts, 1 skirt, lip gloss, concealer, foundation, and mineral powder, 2 body splash's, 1 body lotion, shea butter infused socks.

Sooooooo on to the next!!!

Hoping to make 2011 the year I finally get to see the ball drop in NYC!! Im sooo close but yet so far away for this and I promise myself every year that I will be going one year after the next I just never get on the ball with it (no pun intended) lol!!!! *im such a dork* lol!!! I just cant wait.. I really hope to buy the tickets for a hotel in NYC by this weekend.. Hotel rooms are already starting to get booked!! YAWWWZAAA!!!!!! ;)

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