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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My scent at the moment...

When i went shopping the other day, my sister in law got me to try one of Bath and Body works' newer collections called Twilight Woods...It smelled good so I decided to get it.. Little did I know how much my personal body scent would make this a really good smelling fragrance on me! Seriously, all I did was put it on my arms and upper body and it smells like I have a really nice purfume on! Im really loving this stuff right now!! :) Thanks SIL!!!
I know everyones personal body scent is different but I really reccommend this fragrance... I dont have to use any body spray at all.. This is all I put on ;)

I just got my order in from Overstock for a down comforter that I have been wanting for the longest but I dont really think that I got the right one.. It was more flat, but Im giving it a couple days due to maybe the packaging as to the reason for it being so flat :/ I dont really like returning things but so Ill see what happens.. It was only for $35.49 for a king size.. I got the rose color..

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