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Monday, January 18, 2010

e.l.f. purchase update and other purchases made over the weekend :)

So after some good reviews on the e.l.f. line (from other bloggers), I decided to go ahead and buy some things... I really wanted a decent makeup brush set and was looking everywhere for an affordable one.. I was only willing to spend around $20-$30 because first, I dont have money to buy really expensive ones and secondly, I feel that brushes all do the same thing, if you know what you are looking for. So, I was a little skeptical at first about their products because they are sooo cheep! Only $1 for any kind of makeup brush! After reading the reviews I decided to purchase... I purchased the 12 peice makeup brush set. There are brushes in there that I dont even know how to use as yet:) But I will learn ;)
The brushes so far are of pretty fair quality for only being $1. They are not hard at all.. I havent had any shedding of the makeup brushes as yet.. Then again, I have only used them about 2 times.. and only about 3 of them.

SINCE this was such a good deal of only $12 for 12 brushes, I decided to check out the rest of their website and saw their lip gloss's which were only $1 also... They were the kind I have been looking for, for a while now.. They have all good ingredients, flavored, spf 15 and also have a variety of colors that actually look like the color when you put them on! I their lip glosses now!!!! :0P

Now, this brand apparently can be purchased at Target but I unfortunately dont live really in a close proximity to one :( So it was easier for me to purchase online and it was to me in like 2 days!!! :O) So I was happy with that too!

On to other purchases.. I went to the mall and decided to stop into the GNC store there.. I really want to have one of those colonostomy cleanings (like one that Tyra did on her show with the water irrigation!!) but as of now, Im too busy to think about even scheduling something like this.. So I decided to do a colon cleanse/flush.
The sales girl told me to do this 7 day one which is a GNC brand.. says it works pretty good.. it was on sale for $32.99 but reqularly its only like $35.99.. So I decided to try it.. Im not good at keeping at things.. but im trying my hardest to stay on top of this.. I can say that I think it started working the first day I started this program which was yesterday.. It gives you even a diet/eating plan to follow.. but im not really following this.. Im really doing what I normally do but cutting out all junk food and Ill see how it works.. The only thing I dont really like about it is that in the AM routine you have to take this powder that you mix with either water or juice. It just gross's me out cause it makes whatever you are eating a thicker liquid and it has a sort of sweetish taste that makes it even worse! ha!!!

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