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Thursday, February 25, 2010

General Update on .... Stuff!

I really need to get on a regular workout schedule and curve my eating habits to more heathier choices. Ive been having some pains in my chest area by my heart and that is not something I want to take chances with or play with.. So as of TODAY.. I vow to myself to eat healthier and to loose all of this extra baggage I have going on.. I know I can do it but it starts with me motivating myself first and not looking for another source for motivation.. Diet pills are not going to work if I can still stop at Mcdonalds or BK for a quick "burger" at 11pm at night after work.. I just need to QUIT IT!...

I purchased this cookbook this passed summer called "Cook yourself thin" Its a show on lifetime that teaches about cooking more healthier.. It really worked for me and I will be going back to use these recipes... I HAVE TO .. I NEED MY LIFE BACK!

I have not been taking MEGA-T regularly as I was in the first week.. I just didnt feel any energy nor notice any thing at all.. So I quit.. Glad I only spent $10 instead of more for the other ones.. I may come back to it but not for now. Ill focus on exercise and eating better for now..
I dont want to join a gym in fear that I will waste money and never be able to go.. I have a treadmill at home.. but I rather work out to home DVD's or workout shows on TV.. I think Its a lot more interactive.. and not as tedious.. Im also praying to God to help me and keep me motivated.

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