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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My DH and I have booked a fabulous vacation getaway to JA after this semester of school and I cant wait!!!! 7 more weeks BAYYY BEEE!!! :D
We have to work on getting our passports in order but other than that everything is ready to go!

Right now I'm trying to stay focused so that I can graduate with no problems by passing my Exit exams... ( HESI) I'm soo nervous but I'm still trying to remain positive..
IS it weird that the Exit exam gets me more nervous than the actual boards right now????
I'm thinking its because the Exit exam is in like 3 WEEKS! EEEEEKKK!!! My heart is pounding just thinking about it!
Right now I'm preparing by just studying and getting into all my comprehension study books for more and more questions and reasoning's as to why and how... Its just very scary to me..
On top of all of this I have to make sure that I am getting everything done for school as far as passing all my courses! lol!
I will REALLY appreciate this vacay when I am done! REALLY!!!!!!
Please pray my strength and pray for my mind to be at ease so that the information will be retained so I will have success!!
Thank you soo much and may God be with you always!!!
xoxoxo!! :)

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