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Monday, April 26, 2010

Nursing School...

Well Its only 2 more weeks to go until the end of my semester.. With one exam pending that I graduate which is our HESI exam, which I am praying that I pass with flying colors! I know God will see me through this exam. I know that I have the intellegence to pass this and the education to back it up, I just have to apply it to the exam! Its only 110 questions and I plan to score tremendously well1 :) I am staying positive because nothing begots Negativity! :D

We have the last of our exams for our regular Med-Surg and specialties classes lined up for the next upcoming week. So this is the last week we have officially of class time to learn any new material.. WOW! Scary looking at it like that I guess! LOL! Just excited because I can now spend some quality time with my daughter and husband.. I plan to just take some classes to go towards my ADN/BSN this fall and spring and then applying for an ADN or BSN program for next Fall 2011! :) I am completely happy with this decision and cant wait!

Oh yeah, cant wait 'till our trip to JAMAICA!! all booked and ready to go.. Just waiting on the date to get here!! YAY!!! :D

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