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Friday, August 20, 2010

Money... Where can I get some more!!!

Today I am frustrated.. Money issues are one of the issues on my mind.. I can never make enough money to get where I want to get. I am trying to budget my family's finances. I figured it would be easier with two incomes but I can openly admit that my DH is not good with finances... I am at the point where I need to get all of our money into one pot and I deal with everything.. The thing is all the previous times I have told him to let me do this he would not do it.. not saying he would reject the idea but he would listen and never actually do the work to allow me to start. But when(meaning him) hits a bottom point in the finances, now he wants to work with my idea.. GO FIGURE!!

Finances/money however you want to put it is one of the biggest financial strains on a marriage and can in most cases lead to divorce. Im not trying to let it go that far but its still hard to deal with when you want to do some things but virtually can not. I have sacraficed a lot and I budget my own money.. we have debt that we need to pay off so that we are able to buy our big brand new home that I want so badly :)

I just pray that we make it through all of this and pay our debt within the next couple of years.. Its not going to be easy but im willing to sacrafice..

Well.. there is a glimpse into my life.. maybe Im putting too much out there but HEY.. Its my BLOG!! and everyone is not perfect.. including me, so Im pretty sure there are others that are going through the same thing..

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