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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to Blog...

Why I havent been blogging much...
I am pregnant.. again!!!! :) I am about 5 months now (17 weeks) and I am ready for this little blessing to come in January. This pregnancy is totally different from the first and has its own pros and cons but Im keeping hope alive to have a wonderful end 2nd and 3rd trimester!!!
I find out if its a boy or girl (well hopefully, if the baby chooses to comply) on September 1st!! So Im a little excited about that too!

The Weather....
Right now I CANT STAND THIS SUMMER HEAT!!!! It is extremely too hot to do anything at all..and its not because I am pregnant but its just too unbearable.. I dont even want my toddler going out in this heat because its soo brutal! I cant wait until fall and winter!! I LOOOVVEEE the cold :)
Im a September baby so I guess thats why!

Update on Tresseme!
I have tried it and LOVE IT!!!!!! The smell of the poo and con are soo nice, and I can even deal with it with my pregnancy.. It made my hair feel really soft and it didnt feel stript at all. After the poo and con I applied Neutrogena Triple Moisture leave-in and some oil to seal and air dried.. My hair felt soooo soft.. well it feels sooo soft because I have been wearing my hair like this for the past 3 days now :)
Other hair news!
I am still waiting for my order from Bee Mine. I placed it on Saturday and via Fed Ex it should be here by this Saturday.. I cant wait to smell and try those products too! ( AND YES, I did say SMELL!) LOL!!!!

So for the first time really while I was home waiting to go to work (since I work in the evenings now) I was able to watch one of the old episode of the Kardashians. I must say that I am truly upset with myself for not getting into this series.. I LOVED IT!!! and LOVE Kim Kardashians body!!! Not saying that I will ever have a body like hers but I can honestly say that its a "type" that I like.
Everytime Im pregnant I get into this major fitness kick in the middle of the pregnancy.. prob because that is when Im actually starting to gain the weight... go figure.. but after this baby I want to be done.. I dont think I can go through a pregnancy again.. or maybe wait a really loooooooooooong time! :)

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