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Monday, September 20, 2010


I guess the time is coming for me to start thinking about making a baby registry. I cant beleive that Im due in about 4 months!! OMG!! I can hardly wait!! I am happy that its a boy and he IS and WILL BE HEALTHY!!! :D Thanks God!!!
I am planning to do one this weekend if plans work out.. This last weekend was not that good plan wise.. Me and my dd were going to go to the mall to do some shopping and on our way there our car had a malfunction! EEKK! So I immediatly called my DH (who was working extra hours for work and was currently out of state) to figure out what to do.. Thankfully my DH is awesome at directions and sense of direction because when I told him where I was he told me exactly where the nearest Pep Boys was to inspect my car..

Well to sum it up. Me and my DD (and finally DH when he was able to get off of work) spent about 4 hours in the Pep Boys to find out that my axel had broken!???!!??? HUH!!! WHAT!!!! HOW??!!!
I had NO CLUE where to begin in a conversation about that, I just wanted it fixed. So we were told they would start fixing it. After about another 45 min. we were told that in the process of the axel breaking off a piece of the transmission went along with it! EEEEEEEKKKK!!! WHAT!!! At this point we were told to just bring the car to Aamco (sp?) because they can not do anything with a transmission problem..

Sooooo of course at this point Aamco was closed. So I just drove the car home with hubby in front of me. Beleive it or not, whatever they did actually allowed the car the drive better than it had been over the last year! LOL! We get a callback from Aamco, although they were closed, and someone listened to my husband about the problem and told us that this is common in the car that we have and if we hear the noise again to bring in the car. He says that there is nothing that broke off of the transmission its just a piece that our car takes and some places are not familiar and it would look like its broken but he knew exactly what we were talking about with our car.. THank goodness.. so we are holding out on bringing the car until we do hear it again!

On a side note: Ive been dealing with a lot lately and have been thinking.. but some people are so phony to me.. they are so phony that they make my stomach cringe.. its sad especially when they are family! UGH!! I just try to stay away as much as possible. Its just sickening to me!

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