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Friday, October 1, 2010

Soooo I took my NCLEX PN boards today!!!!

I am soo nervous.. here we dont really find out our results for technically a month but I am anxiously checking my status on my boards website to see if my license has been added..

The minimum of questions you take are 85 and the max is around 245.. BUT I STOPPED AT 85!!! I felt okay on some questions but on others I had no clue!???? ERR!!! Sooo Im still praying that I am okay and that I passed.
I did the "Pearson Trick" and got the "good message". So I am just waiting.. ugh this wait is killing me! :D
I pray I dont have to take it again! PLEASE Lord, please let me pass so that I can move on to my ADN!!!!! Thank you! :D

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