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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How many times do you work out??

I would like to know what is your goal/aim for how many times you work out a week? I am aiming for the whole 7 days so that when a situation arises where I can not for a day or two, I won't feel that bad. I think that I like the feeling of working out everyday so far and I think that It will get you to goal quicker (not that Im looking for awuick fix) but it feels good to workout everyday.

Yesterday I did the first day of circuit 2 with JM30DS! It was HARD AS HECK!!!! In circuit 2 she focusses on a lot of plank workout variations. I felt like I was going to die, and she actually says that she wants you to feel like that in the DVD! lol!!!
I feel wonderful this morning though.. Today will make day 2! One day at a time! :)

The weather has been feeling very good.. nice and sunny and in the high 50's and 60's! Spring is a'comin'!!! I am soo happy! I love the Spring and Fall weather! :) It has a nostalgic feel in the air with these seasons!


  1. While I am trying to build up the habit I am aiming for 3 days. I would suggest you not do it 7 days for 2 reasons. 1. Your body does need a day to rest and adjust and 2. You might burn out quicker trying for everyday. But you know yourself and your body so do what you feel is best. We are both trying to do this (right now) without the band. Great job on DVD workouts!

  2. I workout three times a week, 30 min a day. I've been doing that for a month now and it's what works for me. I don't like the idea of doing it every day, not yet, anyhow. As I build up endurance, I will stretch that time to 45 min or an hour, but still only 3 days a week; 4 if I'm feeling great.

  3. I am doing the JM30DS so it tells you to do the workout everyday.. I too thought that there should be rest days but figured I would give this a try. If anything it will jumpstart me wanting to workout more and stay accountable to myself to workout on my own. After Im done the 30 day shred I will probobly cut back to 5 days a week of working out.. (In my head this makes sense) lol! Her segments are 30 minutes which includes the warm-up and cool down.. so the workout itsself is only about 25-28 minutes..