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Thursday, February 17, 2011

After-Workout feeling feels gooood!

I love having a good workout ... u know, the one where you sweat a lot and it's practically dripping off like water! It makes me feel like I am doing a lot and feels like the weight is just falling off! Now, its not feeling too good while im in one of the body bending exercises but I keep telling myself that Its only for 30 minutes or so.. so its not going to last that long. But when I am done and all stretched out it feels wonderful! I guess its due to those endorphins too! IDK... but I feel good! I look better aftr a workout too.. I have a nice rosey face and I swear I look smaller! ;o

Tomorrow I may take a day off from exercising as a rest day.. just because I have to take the kids to a doctor's appt. and I have an appt. myself.. Then I guess I will take a walk around in the mall (that can be my workout I guess) ...

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