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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I have been eating/doing/workouts

This is really random and in no particular order but, As far as eating I have been doing EAS protein shakes in the morning or mid afternoon After my workouts.. I have been eating frozen yellow grapes(YUMM!!) I have been eating peanut butter on wheat bread (1 piece) when I have a hunger pain and its not time for a meal yet. For dinner I always have protein.. mostly chicken but I have had pork and beaf.. I am definately watching my portions and have cut junk food out completely. I have been drinking or at least getting close to my 64oz of water daily. I take flinstones multi-vitamins... lol! hey! they do the job! :)
For a sweet tooth snack, I have been having the 100 calorie pack choc fudge covered pretzles! Mmmmmm!!! chocolate is my weakness!! ;)

For workouts.. we have on demand which is featured on our local cable box. I do the exercises on there that are for free.. WHICH ARE A LOT! lol! I have a lot to choose from. I also have the WII and WII Fit board which I fit in from time to time.. I plan to work out every day for at least 30 min. but I have put in one rest day so far.. but my aim is to go everyday unless I am majorly sore. That way I know that my body is going to get a workout for the majority of the week. After I get bored with the TV workouts then I may join my local gym again.. but the free'r the better! (Free'r is sooo not a word, but just came to mind then) haha!!

As far as what I am doing right now, I am patiently waiting to hear a reply from my school to see if I got a clinical seat for their ADN program this fall.. I am PRAYING I get in! That would be AWESOME!!! Please pray for me.. This would be a wonderful blessing!!!

I would like to get my youtube page going with videos.. probobly about my weight loss mixed in beauty (makeup and hair)... IDK as yet.. but I would like to start it this month..
I went to Sallys yesterday and stocked up on some China Glaze and other nail polishes..

I also got some items at the mall from the body shop...
Then we went to sephora and got my fragrance "Taj Sunset" my Escada.. Smells eatibly delish! :)

As far as a more immediate doing.. me and hubby are going to a superbowl party tonight.. We are rooting for the steelers!!! YAY!!!
I am also going to be going out to a birthday party next weekend for one of my girlfriends from high schools 30th birthday party.. This will be one of the first party/clubs I will be going to in YEARS!!! So I would like to look nice.. I have a couple options to go with.. its a masquerade party.. So I have to get a mask too!! How fun!!! I have to take pics! :)
Now just to think of some shoes...

Can not wait until I can do my weigh in on Tuesday.. hmmmmmm or maybe I can.. Im scared about not loosing or staying to same.. we shall see..


  1. Great Job working out and it sounds like you are eating great too. I definitely have problems with portions. It takes a lot of discipline. You are doing great!

  2. Thanks for the positivity Tanya! That def. helps me with motivation to keep on going. I'm trying my best to eat well and get in enough of the right stuff.. Its not that hard once you get a hang of it..but my problem is chocolate!! lol!! That is such a weakness of mine!