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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesdays Weigh In

I purchased a scale today from Walmart... Its a Health o Meter..I really like the WW one but I think that this one will to for now.. It tracks your weight progress from the last weigh in and can do this for two people.. so my DH can track his too. Its pretty nice in design too and all this for about $25. The WW one will run me about $50 sooooo if and when I need to replace, then I may get the WW scale then.

Well.. so... I got on it and I got a nice #!! :)
It said that I was 245lbs!!! YEAH!!!! So that means that I lost 5lbs in one week (with a rest day)!! I pray that I keep this up.. That would be AWESOME!!!

I am currently on day 4 (tomorrow day 5) of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.. I am getting more and more endurance from it. I am excited to finish this through...
Today was a bit tough for me to get the motivation to do it.. I was a little stressed with the kids today but I got the encouragement from my DH when he got home from work.. Like, seriously I was NOT feeling like working out at ALL.. I started to eat and eat.. My DH told me that this is the day that I need to push through and get through this.. I love him soo... he is such a good coach.. So I put on my workout clothes and got to work and I felt soooo good after the workout..

Im sooo tired now though.. my energy boost is up and im about to make the baby his bottles and go to sleep! LOL!!! Hope everyone else is feeling good! I'll talk to you guys soon! :)

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