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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10lbs down!!!

So I just figured that I would weigh myself to day because I felt a difference in my clothes and the way they fit.. Well the scale said I was exactly 250lbs!!!! YAY!! Now most of it I know is water weight esp. from just having my baby boy but its still something! :) This definately is a motivator to keep on working out and eating right. Today was a busy day for me and I proboly will not workout tonight but I will be back at it tomorrow..
My husband just told me he loved me.. This was really random but he wanted me to type it right now...LOL!!!
Anywho..I am dealing with Post partum depression but I am handeling it pretty well today and hopefully it gets better as the days go on.
My weekness today: CHOCOLATE!!!! I allowed myself to have 6 hershey kisses and it felt sooo good! I can have a treat in moderation every now and again and I dont think 6 will hurt me that much... right?! I guess I will see next week Tuesday.. I'm at least going to try to weigh myself every Tuesday. I dont have the scale that I want yet.. well, I dont have a scale at all but my mom does.. So I may go to her house and check it there... or I may buy a cheaper scale for now for my house.. either way Im going to try to do my weigh ins on Tuesday.. Im praying I see some success. I am aiming for a 2lb loss every week! :)

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  1. Isn't it amazing what just a few pounds can do to your clothes. I think that is a great way to tell if your on the right path. Keep it up girl!