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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I am going to do differently...

I am going to do a couple things different this time around and this will hopefully aide me in keeping off the weight in my long term efforts. The first is what I have been doing and keeping my blog open about what I am doing. The next is to take credit for any compliments that I receive and being truthful. In the past when I have lost weight I denied any compliments and would "act" as if I was not loosing when people would notice. In my mind if I would admit to the weight loss and take the compliment I would feel like my motivation would dwiddle down and I would not be motivated as much to loose the rest no matter how much it would be. Now I know it is mind over matter and I am going to talk and accept my compliments.. I have earned them with the hard work that I am putting into my workouts!
NOw, I know that I will not always be noticed by my weight loss and can not expect to be acknowleged every time I see someone but I can graciously accept their words and take it for my own.

I am also thinking about making some short term/long term weight loss goals as I have seen from other fellow blogger friends. I think my first short term goal is to reach 225lbs. Then I would like to have my next STG set to 199lbs. Why 199? because it is not in the 200's!! lol!!! I can not wait until ONEderland!!! I know I will be there before I know it! Im so excited to get there!!!
My next goal after that will be 180 and then 160. ONce I reach 160lbs. I will feel comfident enough to possibly maintain but I will stay at 155lbs for now just in case ;)

I will be tracking some foods that I eat. I am horrible of keeping a food journal/diary but I figured I could make a list of some things that I eat for breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks.. This way I can refer back when I am hungry if I can not figure out what to eat if I want something healthy instead of binging on something I will regret.

I have to get over regretting on eating out when I rarely do. I just have to make wiser decisions when I do. I still have to live my life, and I have to learn that I can not be that hard on myself. I can be so hard on myself that I do not feel like working out because of poor food decisions because I figure, "What is the point!" Most people would probobly have this as a motivation to work out or work out even harder but I am backwards with this! lol!

I am still keeping my other goals in mind of when I loose 25lbs, 50lbs etc in mind on what I will do to treat myself.. My 25lbs goal will be up soon.. possibly within the next month or so.. and that will be my LV purse!!! I am also currently looking into getting a Michael Khors one though.. I live by one of the outlets and I have been wanting one of these for a while now but just didn't get one.. I always choose Coach..So this may be my -25lbs weight loss present to myself! I can not wait to get to 50lb loss!! I will be going to the HErshey SPa!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I LOOOVEE Chocolate! and to be drizzled in it will be AmAzInG!!!!

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  1. Good for you. I am not good at keeping a journal but I am considering doing what Lap Band Gal does - post its. Oh and the hershey spa sounds dangerous to me of luck chrissy