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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yesterday 219.0.. today 217.4!!

I noticed that I was starting to plateau at 219 that is why I did not post yesterday so yesterday I tweeked my eating... I left out 1 apple and one of my meals but instead earlier that day I had one slice of wheat bread with like two slices of deli meat and like a 1/2 back of those 100 calorie snack pack.. (A Cheat , I know) but I needed it for energy b/c I was doing ALOT! I made sure I drank at least my 64 oz+! lol!!! and I walked for aobut 45min at work but also the morning I wend to the market with both kids and walked two supermarkets by my house. So I consider that a workout too.. So about 2hrs and 45 min of walking all together if I include the grocery shopping. I am slowly going to incorporate cardio into my routine to get my weight loss a boost to make sure that I get to goal of loosing up to 187lbs on this HCG. That will make 50lbs!!! I think I can do it. Then I will take a break for about 6 weeks and possibly start up again. My first goal on HCG is 207lbs though. So If I reach this first and need a break I will be okay with that too.. that would make a good 30lb loss!

Blessings and Peace! :)

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