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Thursday, April 14, 2011

220,0! -1.6lbs :) *****Ahem, I mean 219.4!*****

I cheated a teeny tiny bit yesterday. I had a fiber one bar. I am stll happy with my loss. I am aiming to be down to 217 by Sunday! 3 more lbs,I think I can do it! :)

***After about another good hour of sleep... I weighed myself again... See I woke up a little too early and weighed myself without getting my normal amount of sleep time in.. So when I did I saw a lower number on the scale.. 219.4!!!! Im super excited for the extra treat this morning! ;)*****

I would like for my blog to just be read by my fellow friends/followers not outside people.. the resason is I do not want nosey "family" or so called "friends" reading this and knowing all my business... some things are just meant to be kept without them knowing.. I just feel that If I do not tell you then it is none of your business. I do not mind letting all my blooger friends know because we interact with each other in these aspects. But other people can be really funny and not want to tell you their business but all up in yours... gest what I am saying?!? Well if anyone knows how.. please let me know.. I can not figure it out. :(

And if you are or think you are the family/friend I am talking about.. Please do us both a favor and STOP READING!! I dont know all of your business so dont get up in mine.. Just got to figure out this block feature :) ;) Thanks for your cooperation! :P

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