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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

221.6!! Happy Hump Day!!

So not quite out of the 220's but I will take it!!! May be at tomorrows weigh in! :)
I am soo excited.. Decided that I would like to make my goal no later than my birthday in September.. That would be of 165lbs! Once I hit 200lbs.. (which is like 20lbs away) This goal will not seem so far reached! Only 35lbs from that! YAY!!!! IM super amped to get there! My Short Term goal would be around 180/175lbs which I plan to be if not less by this summer! CANT WAIT!!!! ;) Cant wait until I am maintaining!

ME and Hubby are doing our budget and by the power of God this thing WILL workout! lol! This is a serious matter because we need to manage our spending and get our credit in check. We plan to pay off some creditor this year (well a majority of them) and try to get our credit rating up at least an additional 150 pts each! I think we can do it with no problem since we have a plan. So I am excited about this process. We want to buy a house in the next year to year and a half!

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