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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hi Everyone!

It has been crazy in my neck of the woods lately.. hence I have not been able to post like I wanted to. I will try to get back to it more often. :)
I have just started to take HCG .. after much research I decided to try this for myself because I was noticing that I was on a plateau at my 237lbs and it was driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently on day 2 on phase 2 on my VLCD.. I lost 3lbs the first day!!!!!!!!! So my weigh in is $234.2!!!! YAY!!!!! I pray that this is helping and beneficial to my weight loss.. The only side effect that I have noticed is the crazy headache (migraine like ones) err!!! It woke me up out of my sleep!!! Good ness!! I hope that my body gets used to it and I stop getting these headaches!

Alot has been going on .. trying to pay off debt and buy a car.. we pray that we are able to get a house in 2012! I know that God will help us get to our goal.. we just have to follow His word! I am soo excited!! YAY!! ;)

Peace and Blessings to you all! Talk to ya soon!! :)

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