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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dont judge me :)

So I took off from the HCG from Wed to Saturday.. I exercised a couple of days but ate A Lot!! LOL So I talked it over with the hubby and decided to try this again. So my loading days are today and yesterday... yesterday didn't go as well.. did not get enough fatty foods/calories but today i am definitely making up for it.. lmbo!! I have gained about 3 lbs.. which I am NOT happy about and I am NOT updating my ticker! LMBO!!! apart of the gain is definitely due to water weight.. ankles are swollen from being in heals ALL DAY on Sunday.. ugh! but only about a 1lb is due to that.. so back on the HCG.. starting my VLCD tomorrow ! :) cannot wait to see progress.. hoping to be as close to 180lbs as I can before I take another break.. then I will see how that goes! ;)

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