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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back on Track Baby!!! 223.6lbs this morning!!!! :)

Things that make me smile.. God .. my family.. and my scale (now) lol!!!! I am soo happy to see my numbers drop.. I am thrilled to be almost out of the 220's!!! (*edit) YAY!!!!! It is getting easier for me to do this.. I don't crave the sugar/carbs at all.. but it doesn't mean that I don't want to eat any! LOL!!!! It smells good but there is no real urge to act on my senses.. Which is a totally good feeling.. Makes me feel like I am in control! All thanks praises glory and honor due to God.. He is helping me through all of this! THANK YOU LORD!!!!

I pray to come out of this diet strong highly motivated and full of Joy and happiness.. I can feel and see the transformation and it feels AWESOME!! :)

I am already pumped to start chaLEAN.. I am excited with the extra weight that I will have off of me, it will help with my workouts.. Right now during HCG my WII fit and walking are my friends. I may try to incorporate some weight lifting for my arms this week.


  1. Congrats, Chrissy! So, are you out of the 230's? Your weight is listed as 223.6, but you said you can't wait to be out of the 230's; just curious. Anyhow, great job!

  2. HAHA!!! oOh Sorry.. Typing too fast. I meant 220's .. I will edit* Thanks for letting me know.