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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Im taking a break from the HCG! :) I am happy.. will come back to it for now...

I will be mixing cardio and weight lifting. This morning I got up and my scale read 215.2 so a .2 weight loss. I have to decided to move on to Phase 3 now. So now it is the maintenance phase for about 3 weeks.. Sticking to veggies and protein but now I can up my quantity and portions. I can now incorporate oils/butter and dressing etc.. but still hold off on the starch until the 3 weeks are over. I plan to do this and then move on to phase 4. This phase will allow me to start including my starches in a controlled amount to get my body used to it.. but with me.. I have been doing some carbs anyway! lol! SOOO.. I probobly will be introducing myself to carbs more sooner than 3 weeks.. but I will still limit my portions..

I am extremely happy with my weight loss! :-) I plan to loose the next 15-20 on my own and then go back to HCG for the next 20-30lbs and then I think I will be okay.. I think I may change my immediate goal weight to 175lbs! :) lol!

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