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Monday, March 7, 2011


Welp! It has been a while since I have blogged.. A lot going on with getting ready to go back to work tomorrow from maternity leave. Not ready at all to return but I got to get back my 100% pay since my job only pays 50% :( . I am also happy to say that I have stayed away from a scale since my last post up until tonight.. errr!!! lol! I just HAD to figure out what I am loosing at this point. I have had days where me and hubby have at at fast food restaurants and I am getting better at not feeling guilty for what I am eating and also have made a lot of wiser decisions when we go out. I had somewhat of a chocolate day today and ate some unhealthy treats! lol! but its all good... just portion, portion, portion! That is what I keep telling myself. Well with that said and the junk that I ate today and this past weekend, with my 30 min. treadmill workout at least 6 days a week and eating better I am happy to announce that I am indeed in the 230's!!! YAY!! GOODBYE 240's for GOOD AND FOR EVER!!!! I am not sure accurately where I am in the 230's, I will weigh myself again in the morning and report in my next post. I just saws 23(something) and got excited.

As far as my JM30DS ... I kind of stopped after day 2 of the last 10 days.. I think it did its purpose in jump starting my endurance and helping with some quick results in my muscles. I plan to do it again possibly when I get down some more or get bored with the treadmill.
I thank God for my motivation and I am excited!!
Tomorrow I do go back to work and its also a day for my nutrition class but I think I am going to pass on the nutrition class just because I have to get in the habit of getting the kids to daycare prior to work and I do not want to tire myself out too much. I shall see how it goes. I did promise myself if I get down to 225 by 3/25 I will cancel my pulmonologist appt and possibly stop pursuing the LapBand surgery but right now even if I do reach that goal I may just keep it.. it wont hurt to see a pulminologist.. right?! lol!

Oh yeah and I recently purchased the book "Eat this, not that" I keep it in the car with me when me and hubby go out to eat.. Its a book that breaks down some of the best and worst fast/restaurant foods out there.. Including calories, fat grams, and sodium.. Its an awesome book. I consult it most of the times before hubby stops somewhere or talks about eating out esp if I can not check the nutrition guide online prior to going out.

Well Im about to go to bed! Good night everyone! :)
Stay Blessed!

P.S. still waiting to hear about a clinical seat for my RN program.. please keep me in prayer.. I need this in more ways than one! Thank you again!! :)


  1. Thanks for the comment! Its encouraging when I feel like such a Negative Nancy to hear someone say something positive anyways. Isnt it funny how the grass is always greener??!! We are at the same spot on our weight loss journey, 230s...I have finished nursing school and 2 years into my carreer as a labor delivery nurse and am craving the married life...and you have the married life and are trying to get into nursing school!!! Keep me updated! I remember how stressed I was applying to school after school

  2. It is definitely refreshing to hear others with positive thoughts. We are all here to help each other and I love that! I will def. keep you updated! I'll probably have tons of questions for ya on pointers when I'm almost done! Thanks for the offer! :D