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Monday, November 28, 2011

Please Pray for me and my Family... I would not do this normally, but its calling for me to reach out to as many as I can to help me with this battle.

I am posting this picture because I really need God's hands within my situation like right NOW! I put a mandate out on my family and my proclamation is that by the end of this week the HELL that I am going through will be OVER!! I am putting a demand out for complete restoration in my and my family's life! I am a child of God and the enemy cannot have what God gave to me!

I have been slacking in my blog and its just because I have been going through A LOT lately. I do not ask much from many people other than for your prayers. Soo all my bloggerland friends please keep me and my family in your prayers. Because it is the WWW Im not comfortable going into details but I would appreciate any prayers for family unity and restoration. I am a firm believer that God hears us all its just right now is a trying time for me and my family. In the end I need God's will to come through because it is getting rough for me to handle at this moment.

I can stand boldly but its taking a toll on me, not really on my faith but my physical being. I have a strong spirit and I will last the battle but I am feeling like giving up within the carnal sense and possibly leaving someone alone totally. I do not want that but I am almost there 100% from being pushed away and building resentment. I have turned to many people who are of some authority but at this point my mind is made up on what I must do next. I still have hope and faith but God will do great things within me so I am not afraid anymore of what I need to do.

Still I ask to just keep me in your prayers and thoughts.
Thank you all for reading and being there for me at this time. I really do appreciate it and give many cyber hugs right now!!! Thanks sooo much.

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