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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today,Well today is one day closer to Friday! YAY!!! :) A day that I def like because I no longer work Saturdays...
Today I just had to have chicken wings and french fries from one of my local Chinese restaurants. I got ketchup and hot sauce all over them..
Today I also had some HERSHEY bar chocolate candy!! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! I had 2 the regular Hershey and the Hershey with Almond.. Each about 220 EACH!!! smh..
Today leaves me with 8 more days until I go to Miami!!
Today leaves me with about 100 days until I take my hubby on our surprise getaway.
Today my mother in law moved in with me and my hubby and will be staying until she can get her own place.
Today, or rather, tonight I am at work and doing my normal 11pm shift.
Today I really want to workout because I ate all that junk today.. :/
Today I weighed myself and the scale said 209lbs! BASTARD SCALE!!!!! I AM DETERMINED TO GET DOWN TO AT LEAST 205LBS BY MIAMI!!!

Im being a major fatty today.. Def need to work out tomorrow.
*sidenote* I am thinking about getting a tumblr.. any thoughts??? :)
Stay Blessed!!!!

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