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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just can't get out of the 200's!!! lol!

My body seems to like being in the 200's for some reason.. gotta get it out of its comfort zone!! I am now at 201.4.. I am happy to still be loosing but I can not wait to be under 200lbs finally! lol! OHH YEAH.. and I am DONE with HCG! lol! This round I got really lazy! It helped me get to 201lbs though.. but I have decided to do the rest on my own.

I tried Slim Quick.. my sister is taking them and told me to try but It had me sooo anxious and twitchy that I think I have to leave it alone for now.. lol!! It is just not for me.. I can loose 20lbs on my own now.. just get my workout and sweating own! ;)

AND I WILL be posting pics soon! I told ya I am a lolly gager! lol!(spelling) aha!! I am just so busy with my nursing transition class its just crazy right no! lol! but it will work out! I need to get the posting soon with the pics! ;)


  1. Hey Lady! Stay encouraged! I think we are fighting the same battle! :)

    I also tagged you in my new blog post! Check it out

  2. Hey! Thanks so much.. It is hard but I trying to stay focused! :) thanks chica!
    I will check it out :)