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Thursday, June 2, 2011


So summer is coming and I am actually psyched about it this year because I am less than what I have been in YEARS!!! I had the audacity to wear a bikini!! (GASP!!) Well I covered up but I took a pic with my bikini on and shorts underneath and I was sooo proud of myself.. I am up from 205lbs but I am okay.. I am maintaining 209lbs.. like my body likes this number (shrugs)

This summer we have plans to do things!! My husband and I are the type to go out and hang but not recently so we have decided to do it up!! We are hitting like every local beach this summer (mostley in NEw Jersey) We just went to Atlantic City and spent time at the beach and boardwalk.. we had a BLAST! We are going back again for hubby's bday in August.. and staying the night.. Looking into Ceasers hotel probobly..Then we are going to to to Wildwood Beach in Wildwood, NJ.. the kiddies will love it there! xoxoxoxo!!! We will also be going to Ocean City and going to Miami for my bday to finish up in September.. (thats fall but it ends our summer planning)

Okay back to weight loss.....
I am okay to maintain.. its not like you can tell the difference in my appearance from 205-209 so I am okay.. just as long as it doesn't go above this.. which it will NOT! lol! that is because I will be doing my second round of HCG! YEAH!!! I can not wait!!!

I was going to start with Day 1 and 2 being on June 4th and 5th but have decided that I will start the following week because I will be going to the beach on June 11th and didn't want to set myself up to fail. And with me maintaining my 209lbs I will feel good going into it. I WILL be under 200lbs come this July! lol!!! I think that this is totally do able.. With my exercise and eating I am able to maintain and loose a couple but I know that I am at another plateau.. so the HCG will yet again come and help me! ;)

I am sooo happy that I found this! It is definitely a blessing with me struggling with weight for so long. no it is not a fix all but it helps when you have the right mindset and are ready for a change in life. It is a motivational feeling when you step on the scale every morning and see that you lost a pound or more! YEAH!!!!! :)

OOOOH YEAH~~~ I will be posting pics soon.. please bear with me.. I am such a procrastinator on this.. I have JUST uploaded on FB so some of my friends see me.. but I will post here maybe tomorrow evening.. Because I have a half day and I will be home in the evening to get ready for my baby girls bday party!!! YAY!!! FUN TIMES!! :)

Love you all!!! Be blessed!!!

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