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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The "N" word, Forgiveness and other tidbits

Good Morning Beautiful and Blessed People! I wanted to write how I felt about a subject matter that seems to keep rearing its head and its a controversial issue thats been an issue since slavery. Its the "N" word. Yes... the "N" word. I cannot understand why we must continually go here when this word has been meant to bring the African American down and degrade. Isnt it enough that we were raped, murdered, put up on boxes to be sold, used and abused. Why must we continually go here to this day and still have to fight for the right not to be subjected to such word. Many people may say that rappers are allowing the door to be opened by using this kind of context in their songs. Is this right? No it is not right. It does not matter who or what race you are. There is no need for this vulgar word. I am not holding rappers/singers accountable for this word being used out of context or used period. There are justifications, at least to some people, on how the word is used.. weather it ends with an "a" or "er". One can be preceived as worse than the other. In essence. They are both the same word in my opionon. What do you guys think?? Please let me know below, Im curious to know. AHhhhhhHHHhhh Forgiveness... how much do you really know about this word? I have forgiven people and will still do so.. but what does this mean? We have to be friends still? Sing Kumbaya together? Well I feel that If I forgive you then thats just that. It does not mean that I have to foster a relationship with you but since I allowed myself to give you forgiveness then I can be cordial. Will we hang out and go to the movies? Well, yes maybe. I would hate to say that I hold grudges, however it depends on the level of hurt or pain you caused me to feel the way I do. I beleive all things can be forgiven if the person shows humility and is genuine. However it takes a big person to realize when they are wrong and actually apologize.

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